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Ideas & Suggestions Sought August 18, 2009

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My granny gave me this sofa.  Probably 20 years ago now.  It was in her living room since I can remember.  I think she could not really understand how we grew up, moving every couple of years as my dad got reassigned in the army.  I think she wanted me to have this beautiful sofa as a place to be “home”.  I have always thought of it as such but it’s been in storage all 20 of those years.  I finally have a home and am thrilled for this family piece to be a part of it.  The dust mite allergies are less pleased.  So we are getting it reupholstered and refibered (I just learned that term and plan to sprinkle it in my conversations today, maybe work it into Facebook…).


I need your advice, leave the wood or paint?  What to reupholster it with?  I am thinking a gray velvet or maybe an olive.  Teal?  I like the idea of a linen but I don’t think I can swing it, price wise.  Your thoughts and suggestions?


So those are the “arty” shots.  The “I have a blog,  look at my beautiful life” shots.

Here is the other shot, the “my crap is as messy as your crap” shot.

DSC_0011You are welcome.


My parents just drove this up from NC in their pull along trailer.  Along with some other bits and bobs (do not look directly at the John Deer motorized ride on toy or one might magically spring up in your back yard).


16 Responses to “Ideas & Suggestions Sought”

  1. cindy Says:

    oh my MY MY MY!! I LOVE THAT COUCH! you are so lucky, my grandparents didn’t have anything cool like that. I wish!!! Leave the wood it’s too pretty to paint over. The velvet is super nice on it also, maybe just have it repaired? Or you can give it to me…. *wink*

  2. cindy Says:

    oh and gray velvet would be pretty, even red-sexy.

  3. Visty Says:

    Don’t touch the wood…you can always paint it later. But you will never, never, never get all the paint out of those carvings if you changed your mind. Ever.

    What color are the walls of it’s room?

  4. Annika Says:

    The wood is gorgeous, definitely leave it. I like grey for the fabric.

  5. Ellen B. Says:

    I agree…leave the wood as it is. You can always rub in some dry color later.

    I’d go with a sturdy neutral fabric. Something tweedy perhaps to counteract the formal lines of the wood.

    It’s a beautiful couch!

  6. Oh please do not paint that beautiful wood. With a little TLC its original luster will shine. I know it will be beautiful no matter what you choose for fabric…go for quality so it will be around for another generation!

  7. Lauren Says:

    I say a blue grey… slate grey? That will look nice with the chairs and won’t date itself. I love the idea of a tweed, but the traditional velvet would be nice too.

  8. If you even attempt to paint that wood I’m going to fly over there and grab the paintbrush off you 😉 Grey velvet would be gorgeous or maybe a soft gold stripe.

  9. lexi Says:

    Wow what an awesome piece, I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I love the accompanying story, it’s always going to be treasured, no matter what you decide. Awesome!

  10. Sharon Says:

    Agreed, DO NOT paint the wood. Look up National Allergy on the web, that’s where we got our dust-mite covers – they may be able to use them as a lining for the sofa? I’ve thought about doing that with our sofas. When we got some stools redone, the guy told me that wool velvet is indestructible and great ofr houses with small children, so that’s what we got.

  11. Lia Says:

    Oooh. I love the idea of olive or teal velvet. What are its legs like under the fringe? How would it look without it? And those old upholstery tacks are beautiful. They’ll be able to re-use them, right?

  12. PaMdora Says:

    I dunno, it could be kind of funky if you painted it, but I’ve never had the guts to paint wood. I did recover a duncan-five sofa. It used to have crushed red velvet, but found a fuzzy faux leopard print. Now I love napping on it.

    Studio 2.0 with Madelaine

  13. becca Says:

    yes, I agree – do not paint the wood!I am in a similar sitch but I have to now strip the wood on mine – one layer of white, one layer of metallic gold. yipes.
    velvet would be beautiful. I spied a bolt of dark olive linen locally (on sale!) that I am considering but you – I think velvet. the couch deserves it.

  14. Natalie Says:

    I love the wood
    and olive…but I lean green in most cases.
    What a beautiful piece. It is going to be fabulous.

  15. If it works in your home, a bright color like teal would be great. Otherwise grey velvet is nice. Also, if the feet are at all reasonable looking, I’d want to get rid of the bottom fringe.

  16. Christina Says:

    Just found your blog from Googling Victorian sofas and I’m dying to know what you ended up doing with it, it’s just gorgeous.

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