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Never Fancied Myself a Rainbow Kind of Gal… August 10, 2009

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Rainbow on my 40th

I tried last night to come up with wise words on turning 40.  But word retrieval issues kept getting in my way.

Sage advice from a 40 year old:  Do not play Taboo during your birthday weekend.  Just skip it, politely decline or scream, “NO FUCKING WAY” at the top of your lungs.  Seriously.

You see, I was once a fairly competitive gamer.  At least in my own head.  My husband and I were in a regular game group, before kids, and loved it.  I may have developed a bit of a reputation as being a little too competitive.  But I just called it being a WINNER.  So it was with a touch of this former glory that I approached the game last weekend.  Let’s just say I blew out the candles on humble pie for my birthday.  I completely and utterly stunk.  I believe the jewel on my birthday crown was when I had the word, Ballistic, and I said, “He went BLANK.” over and over until that little sand timer mercifully played me off like keyboard cat.

edit to add, YOU MUST WATCH THIS.  If ever I am down, this never fails to bring the mirth.

Yeah, so I am happy with 40.  Not freaked out about the number.  Just a little freaked out that I need to shop at the large print section of the bookstore, that my butt needs it’s own pull behind wheeled trolley, and that I appear to be just a shadow of my former Gamer self.  But I still challenge anyone to beat me at AIR HOCKEY.  I reign SUPREME.


3 Responses to “Never Fancied Myself a Rainbow Kind of Gal…”

  1. Complete Stranger Says:

    Happy Birthday! Been trying to call and say this in person!!! You still crack up up, you funny woman, you!

  2. Paige Says:

    That was pretty funny – I liked his “recovery.”
    40 = lotsa rainbows. I’m nearly there, too…

    • Yes, that’s the best part (except maybe the flying flip flops). I love it when he puts his hand on the treadmill to steady himself. Is it horrible to admit my kids have watched this numerous times. Youtube “Keyboard cat” and there are some other winners to be mined!

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