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Craft Room in Progress July 27, 2009

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Finally finished painting.  Will bitch about the process another time!  Subscribe now in an effort not to miss it.

3756249469_dfc97760bd_bThe top photo is a truer representation of the color of the walls.  I edited to add this so you can see one of the thrifted house dresses I got for 2 dollars that I’m using as curtains in it’s entirety.  I have too much packing to do to make that last sentence less wonky.


Some of my breakables I brought over ahead of the movers.  My craft room is shaping up to be a touch Black Forrest.  More taxidermy than I had originally envisioned.  That’s right.  The soon to be named big fish will find a home in my craft room. Last chance to join the contest.


11 Responses to “Craft Room in Progress”

  1. Is that little dresses hanging in the window? How cleaver…and the colors are so beautiful. I know you will have fun decorating. I can’t wait to come for a visit. Glad that you were able to meet with your cuz. She had such a good time.

  2. Paige Says:

    Oh, aren’t you clever! Love those old house dresses as curtains, and the color of your craft room. Have fun!

  3. Lauren Says:

    I’m busy catching up here. It’s been a while 20 days with NO internet or TV… 20 DAYS… is it too late for the name that fish contest? I’d like to suggest KAHOOTS to commemorate the anniversary… also I am eagerly awaiting more of the new house updates

  4. Visty Says:

    ooooh, pretty! What color is that on your walls? How did you choose so quickly? I’ve been sampling on the walls for months.

  5. Complete Stranger Says:

    Love your colors for the wall, and the creative curtains! Very clever girl!

  6. Complete Stranger Says:

    P.S. What are your colors in the bathrooms?

  7. PaMdora Says:

    Curtains? I’d wear that dress!

  8. melissa s. Says:

    LOVE the clever curtains. so so so cute. and clever. can’t wait to see more!!!!!

  9. cindy Says:

    awesome! the dress idea is great and the taxidermy-RAD!

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