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Gone Fishin’ :: Vintage Photo Friday July 10, 2009

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In keeping with the fish theme, I am sharing some family photos of successful fishing trips.

These shots taken near coastal North Carolina in the 50’s, I believe. (edit: duh, date stamped on photos)

VPF fish

This is a photo of my Granddaddy, they called him Buck.

VPF fish_0001

Dad- Is that a Wallace standing next to Granddaddy?  Is that Granddaddy’s store or Mr. Roy’s place?

VPF fish_0003

Well, that sign may answer my earlier question.

VPF fish_0004

I think this is, from the left, my cousin Laurie, her mother (dad’s sister) Aunt Betty Lou and my Aunt Lola (married to my dad’s brother).  I also think that is the backside of either a chicken or a cat in the lower left.  Neither of which I ever remember seeing in Pinetown.

VPF fish_0002

My Granny and Aunt Betty Lou in the old store in Pinetown.  Looks like they had a lot of work ahead of them.

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13 Responses to “Gone Fishin’ :: Vintage Photo Friday”

  1. Valerie Says:

    I love that last photo especially, the one with your Granny — her outfit is too cute! The kerchief on her head, the apron, it’s all fun.

  2. Love seeing these shots of your grandparents. What is it with the scarves…Grandmother was another one who always had her head wrapped!

  3. Natalie Says:

    These are great photos. They sure did catch loads of fish and BIG ones too. Your grandmother looks as young as Betty Lou in that photo!

  4. Whay is it the women always get the icky cleaning fish task…My motto is you catch it and keep you; you clean it and cook it!!

    Great pictures. Love the saddle shoes!!!!


  5. Chris Says:

    Fabulous photos!

  6. Visty Says:

    The last one is really great…what could be making them grin at each other like that? Something tells me fish wasn’t a rare treat. And they have all that blood coming. Was it because someone told them to post the fish and they felt stupid? Or because your granny is making it look like her daughter impaled her with a stick of fish?

    Your granny looks like she’s really 25 and pretending to dress like an older woman.

  7. Visty Says:

    POSE the fish. POSE.

  8. Complete Stranger Says:

    This was in front of granddaddy’s store; the two stores were next to each other. Go figure!

  9. d Says:

    Hey T. I didn’t realize you had those old pictures of the good catch. The man, whose name you ask about, in the picture with daddy was Mr. Ralph Tuten. His mom lived across the street in front of us. I used to mow her yard for a glass of cool ice tea.

    The girl in the photo with Betty and Lola is your aunt Sharon I believe. And finally, that was a cat in the picutre vs. a chicken. The reason you never saw cats at our house in Pinetown is because of my ‘ole dog, Jack. Jack never saw a cat he liked so he liked for cats to be gone.

    The pictures inside the store was daddy’s store which was just next door to Mr. Roy’s. The fish were speckled trout. The biggest one in the pictures weighed 8lbs and 14ozs. The string of trout hung on the side of the boat held 53 fish. That was a good days catch. Mr. Nathon Boyd, Mr. Tuten, and daddy cought them in the Pungo River near Belhaven.

    Thanks for the good catch of memories. d

  10. Paige Says:

    Oooo, lunkers galore! I love all of those photos of your people and their fishes.

  11. ralph james brown Says:

    Thank you for posting the photos. Ralph Tuten was my father. The Tetterton grocery must have belonged to my grandma’s family at some point in history.

  12. ralph james brown Says:

    I actually grew up in Ohio, but visited in the 60s and 70s. My grandma, Dora T. Waters lived across the street from the store. I remember my Uncle Otis and Aunt Hallie Jones (I believe). They raised tobacco and hogs. I believe Grandma and Dad are both buried in the family cemetary. I Googled my dad’s name and your site came up. I was thrilled with the find. If you know of any of the family that is still there, I’d love to hear.

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