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Well, We’ve Gone & Done IT July 9, 2009

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We are home owners!

It’s a beautiful old Victorian and we could not be more thrilled.

We plan to fill it with sophisticated period pieces, like so:


I hooked this (former) aquatic beast in the deep seas of Freecycle.   It was looking like this would be a ‘fish that got away’ story as we struggled to find the house of the kind offerers.  45 long minutes of One Ways, “Where the hell is that street?!!!”, No U-turns and “I have to peeeeeeeeee”.  We are in desperate need of a GPS.

But in the end, we bagged this super score.  It is 60 pounds of pure kitsch and goodness.

It was housing about 42 years of dust and former glory.  Legend has it that John, now 55, caught this at age 13 on a family trip to Mexico.  I am sure it was a proud moment and I am glad they memorialized it -taxidermy stylie.

John now lives in Missouri and shipping this beauty was out of the question so they passed it along.  Big thanks to them! John’s sister video taped us trying to gently shove our catch into our minivan (we roll hardcore) to show John we cared.  We promised to carry on the legend of the young fishing prodigy and to regale our friends, and blog readers, with stories of his young triumph.  I too hit my athletic peak young so I feel a special connection to Little J, as I like to call him.

Oh, and the photo is my dear husband (9 years of married fun today) who had just driven around way longer than most partners would have to find a free 60 pound swordfish.  At this point he was ready for me to stop marveling at our good fortune, put the camera down and HELP carry this into the house.  I was cracking up as this is the 3rd thing we’ve moved in.  What the  neighbors must think.  So far we have bean bags, my Paint by Numbers collection and the fish.  Class act all the way!

I have decided to pass along the love and have a GIVEAWAY.  Hold onto your hats people, this ain’t much.

Help us name the fish! The winner is the one who comes up with a name we feel fits our new “pet”.  The lucky duck with a knack for monikers will receive a photograph, yet to be taken, of the fishie and an assortment of fine doo dads and hoo has from my personal collection.  Folks interested in a timely mailing of said prize need not enter.

Line up people, don’t push, try your best and get ‘er done!

Edit to add, for some perspective, a photo of the fish next to my 7 year old:



28 Responses to “Well, We’ve Gone & Done IT”

  1. Anne Spafford Says:

    I have been up for 13, count ’em 13, minutes. I stumbled upon this most glorious write up before I had even cracked open my diet Red Bull. I had no idea I could laugh like this so early…I bow down to your writing/photographic/comedic genius!

    • Thank you kindly Anne! I hope that after you finish that diet Red Bull (you are obviously someone who is NOT past their athletic glory), you will come back with a fish name. I know you can come up with a doozy.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Spike? Zorro?
    Fishel: Yiddish name meaning little fish.
    Mervyn: Old Welsh name meaning “sea hill” or “sea ruler.”

  3. Valerie Says:

    Haha, that was awesome. I needed a good laugh after Barf Fest 2009 from my 4-year-old last night!

    How about Stanley? Stanley the Swordfish. A class act name for a class act fish, haha. Or Sergio, if you wanted to keep it Hispanic since he was originally from Mexico…

  4. Eartha Says:

    You lucky dame! Happy Anniversary by the way. Sounds like you got just the right guy. We really DO need the ones who are kind and help us fulfill our wildest whimsies.

    I agree with Sharon’s suggestion that Zorro would make a fantastic name!

    If not, I like Long John Silver. It honors the young fisherman who caught him plus, he’s kind of silver?

  5. PaMdora Says:

    Hhmm, big dead fish in a Victorian….trying to visualize this. haha, just kidding, I love kitsch. The only dead fish we have though is a plastic, you know, the kind that sings, Take Me To the River….

    Congrats on the house! Looking forward to more photos.

    • India Says:

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  6. Alexis Says:

    One daughter votes for Nemo and another one votes for Smee. The third says Cinderella, but she says that for everything. Do you think we’ve watched enough Disney this Summer?

    I vote for Wanda, but I think I really like Eartha’s suggestion of Long John Silver.

    Happy Anniversary and congratulations on your house! I love old Victorians–I hope you’ll post photos!

  7. Anne Says:

    Strange, we must be cosmically tied – the 9th is our wedding anniversary!

    I really like Long John Silver….

    Stuffed Fred.


  8. I was going to suggest Wanda but Alexis beat me to the punch. I think I can invision the creature in a blue painted beachy bathroom! I’ve had a sneak peak! Happy Anniversary!

  9. cindy Says:

    congrats on the house and the 9 years!!! hmm name for the fish -Zeus

  10. Dad says: Howzabouta Big Chief “Outtawatah”?

    Okay he really just said Outtawatah. I added the howza and the Chief. I also like Hershel, Sushi, Clive and Ole’Kentuck. Dadn thed added SUSHI2B. Thats apparently either a Prince song “Sushi 2 B” or a starwars droid Sushi-2-B.

  11. Thalia in Jamaica Says:

    Hey, happy anniversaryMy mom would say that you are well on your way to a long service award. Please say you will enjoy none-fish-related celebrations to appease your good-natured hubby….

    I humbly offer “J. Normous the fish”

    Daniel and Visty’s names rock!!

  12. melissa s. Says:

    congrats on the house-ownershipness!!!! can’t wait to see the insides. and hmmm, i’ll have to throw in “bloop” as a fish name, as that is the name my 3yo gave her fish (because you know, that’s the sound that fishes make!)

  13. Ellen B. Says:

    This silvery beauty looks like it was caught in the Mexican Gulf waters. I’d call it PESCADO, the Spanish word for fish!

  14. There’s something fishy going on! I’ve just done a fish-related post. And I sea you are on the same theme. Oh God, sorry about the puns! anyway I entitled my post “Fitsch” a combo of kitsch and fish and I think it would be a crime to call your fish anything else!!

  15. Paige Says:

    Congratulations on the new home! I’m dying to see some pictures…
    Well, I’m dog tired but I’m gonna throw out some names anyhoo:
    Merle, Kahoona, Big Daddy. Charlie suggests (Not So) Speedy.
    Happy Anniversary, too!

  16. Chris Says:

    That is something!

    How ’bout Guy Filta, Jacques, Monstro, Cosmo, Grand Poobah, The Professor.

    Happy moving!

  17. Natalie Says:

    Congrats on the new digs! And fab yet fishy accessory.

    I’d call him Phinneas…as in “Phineas J. Whoopee, you’re the greatest”. But Phinny for short.

  18. Complete Stranger Says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! So many great names for the fish…I like the suggestion of “Wanda”, and Chief Outtawatah”. I thought about “Buck”, keeping with your vintage photo….I could go out on a long, long limb, and suggest: “Freda the Fish”…good luck on all that goes into fixing up your aquarium, I mean house!

  19. Katrina Says:

    Congrats on the house and the patient hubby. How about Madison?…after the half fish Tom Hanks fell in love with in Splash. Afterall, this is a love story.

  20. Is it a boy or a girl? If it’s a girl, then Doris L. Finn.

    If it’s a boy, Marlon.

    If you don’t know, then Seabiscuit!

  21. Kami Says:

    You should name him festis

  22. Annika Says:

    He looks like a Stan to me.

  23. So many great names already. From the photo came this, the fish who would eat boy and the boy who wouldn’t be eaten. or Jack Blade (he’s a sword fish ). Either way, great story and congrats on the new house.

  24. Lia Says:

    Wow. This is hard. You’ve had so many good suggestions. I really like Fishel and Fitsch. All I could come up with is Spike. Or Nosy Rosy. Or Inigo Montoya- the swordsman from The Princess Bride. You know, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

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