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This Ones For You… June 17, 2009

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Green Jello – almost like watching Edward boogie, isn’t it?

And for the record, I am not mocking.  I appreciate that he had something to express!  Rock on Nos!!!


Duck Muffins June 15, 2009

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We busted out the muffin tin this morning and did a little painting.

Morning Project

I had painting on paper in mind but my wee one had a different plan.


His was better.

Blog Duck


Vintage Photo (& Ephemera) Friday June 12, 2009

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Happy Friday friends!

This is one of my favorite photos.

to blog VFF

Isn’t he dapper?  I do not know who he is, but I know he’s dreamy.  I believe this is a photo from my side of the family but I do not recognize him.  The heart is making me want to mess around with my ttv.  I have an idea gentling rolling around in my head, we will see if I can pull it off…

Today for Vintage Photo Friday I feel like sharing some family ephemera.  Maybe I am wrong, but I am guessing there is a cross-over audience!

These papers are from a big bundle given to me by my father last summer (Thanks D!).  I feel so appreciative to have these amazing bits of family history.  The ‘throw-away’ records of their everyday lives.

to blog VFF_0001

to blog VFF_0003

to blog VFF_0004

to blog VFF_0006

One day I will find the courage to use some of these in a collage.  One day.

As usual, here are the folks playing along.  Please let me know if you would like to join in the fun that is Vintage Photo Friday!

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Get Stuff? June 10, 2009

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Anyone have one?  Like it? Waste of money?

I used to buy books all the time.  I also used to have time to read them.  But then I had children and found myself with neither the time nor the money for books.  The library has become an important part of our family life.  I still don’t have much time for reading other than blogs but I’d like to start reading more again.  Should I stick with the library even though the Due By dates stress me out?  I’m intrigued by the Kindle but worried it would be another piece of technology I felt I HAD to have but then really never used it to it’s fullest potential.

Can you tell I’m thinking of gifts for me from my husband for my 40th.

This is my ‘if we won the lottery’ choice.


At about $30,000. this Hasselblad camera is  just a wee bit out of our range.  But isn’t she a beaut?  I wonder if it’s possible to rent one for a week.

I am making my self sick with this post so I’ll round it out with a little trailer for, Consuming Kids, on how we are ruining our children’ with a culture of consumerism.

I like a little guilt, due to  my poor modeling for my children, to go along with my dreaming of new STUFF.


This Here’s a Photo Post June 9, 2009

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I have strep throat again.   Seeing a specialist this afternoon and have a feeling I will be saying goodbye to my genetically massive tonsils in the none too distant future.  In the meantime I am thinking happy thoughts and taking happy photos “through the viewfinder”.



This little hand making art makes me smile every time.3573754038_2f552369e4_o

Turtle’s name?  Pickles, OF COURSE!


Edit:  Thanks all for your kind words, you guys rock!  The steroids and anti-biotics are working their magic and I am feeling much better.  I will be getting my tonsils out in August.  The doctor said it’s a 2 week recovery process.  Anyone else had their tonsils out?  How long did it take you?


Something From Nothing June 7, 2009

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And because you can not get enough of my video posts!

I would sure like this dude ( to make me a deer head trophy.  Who’s turning 40?!!

Must get my sore throat back into bed, but am swirling in the vortex that is youtube.

There is a whole paper machet world out there I never know about.  Me and my stupid pinatas.


Oh, Zooey! You’re as Cute as a Button. June 6, 2009

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A twisted little vintage button.