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Thrift Repurpose June 30, 2009

Edit:  I am just going to let this one ride & call it Vintage Photo Friday.  I am up to my eyeballs in boxes.  Will catch up with you all soon!

A while back on Vintage Photo Friday, there was some discussion & sharing of ideas for storing/displaying vintage photos.


I was excited to find inspiration in this vintage napkin holder at the thrift store today (Happy Anniversary Pat & Charlie)!  I picked it up because I am a sucker for metal and swirls, then I put it down thinking it wouldn’t really work with our cloth napkins.  But bam, I thought photos.  I also thought I would paint it but decided I liked the yellow with the photos.  Yellow is a color I am always surprised I like.


The photos in front are from my last trip to Brimmfield.  I am trying to scale my (non-family) photos down to just a few collections, vintage marching bands, vintage construction photos, and people at the beach.


I love the bathing suits on the people in the front and the suit suits on the guys in the back!


Ok, she does not fit my “rules” but just look at her.  I wonder where she is going and if she is more excited than she is letting on.  Truthfully, I am not sure if it was her or the bus I was more taken with when I plucked her from the pile that chilly Brimmfield day.

Any more ideas for how to display vintage photos?  Leave a link if you feel like sharing.

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4 Responses to “Thrift Repurpose”

  1. Love the napkin holder idea!! I always just store old photos in wooden boxes or vintage trunks, but they look so lovely on display like that.

  2. Natalie Says:

    The napkin holder is genius.

    Maybe a shadow box where you change the vignette every month or so to feature a new photo and other tidbits that tell a story. That way the fab photos get a time to shine and rotate.

    Love the bus photo.

  3. PaMdora Says:

    I love your display ideas. I was looking through my photos for some of mine, but couldn’t find. Will have to retake them I guess. Looked through some more of my own personal vintage photos this am for a talk I have to give this weekend, so maybe I can post those.

  4. Keli Says:

    I came across your blog through a long, winding trail, but just wanted to say how much I love your collection of photographs. So often you see old family photos at auctions or garage sales… unappreciated by the family themselves. These were real people and it is always sad to see their photos treated that way. I’m so happy everytime I find someone that appreciates them. Thank you!

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