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Help, Toy from Hell June 26, 2009

Filed under: Random Bits — twlowenstein @ 8:31 pm

My fingers are sticking to the keys as I type this desperate plea for help.  My boys’ liquid timer, that I now know should be made illegal, broke somehow (no one knows a thing…) and leaked all over our FLOR tiles.



The tiles that I picked up from the playroom floor and put in a neat pile in the corner so they wouldn’t get ruined and we could use them in our new living room, yeah – THOSE.


Ours were not as cool as these, pictured in Ohdeedoh but still!

We soaked them in the tub with hot water and soap and it only dislodged a tiny bit of the nasty mess.  A tiny bit that is now stuck to the side of the tub no matter how hard my husband scrubs (well SOMEONE had to blog about it).

After some Googling, I am now well versed in how to get Silly Putty and Gum out of carpets but no luck finding information about this evil goo.  Anyone have any advice on how to proceed?  I want to try and save them as they are not cheap and I do not want the nasty blue goo to win.

Thank you, I am off to wash my hands – AGAIN.


9 Responses to “Help, Toy from Hell”

  1. Beth C Says:

    What an ummmm interesting way to kick off you’re weekend. I’m sure it will be all up hill from here. I now know of yet another BAD toy not to buy my niece or nephews. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Try DW40. That stuff works on everything!

  3. Complete Stranger Says:

    So sorry…that sucks! Hope DW40 works…we may just have to get some new ones as a housewarming gift….

  4. Actually that is WD40…sorry.

  5. PaMdora Says:

    Did you try Goo-Gone? Takes off sticky things and labels, has some sort of citrus base that helps eat through gooey stuff. Don’t know what that toy is, but did once see a Lava Lamp broken on a carpet and that was a sticky waxy mess!

  6. Visty Says:

    That shit is nasty. I remember years and years ago, before children, I had something like that, that was also a light. We went on vacation, and the friend who was watching the cats found it broken one day. He put the whole thing in the tub where it leaked and congealed for the rest of the week, since he didn’t know what to do.

    That was a FUN mess. I think I used comet. But for a rug, I don’t know.

  7. Sharon Says:

    I have no cleaning advice, but my first thought was “What the hell are you complaining about when you have an awesome playroom like that?” but then I saw that it was a website photo 🙂

    Um…can you run the Flor tile through the washing machine?

  8. Shanna Says:

    Try Goo Gone. Or even olive or vegetable oil. Goo gone is citrus oil and has a nice scent plus will wash out after the goo is gone, ha, with dish soap. Good luck, I know how much dealing with that sucks. Once I discovered Goo Gone though, things have been much easier to get clean.
    For the tub try to scrape as much of the gunk out as you can then squirt the GG on it and let it sit for a while, same for the carpet tiles. Then I just use a rag that I don’t want to keep or paper towel so that you can just toss it all and not have to try and clean that up too.

    I have found GG at the Dollar Store, grocery store and Walmart, Kmart or Target. Sometimes in the cleaning section or even in the automotive department. I just thought of another thing to try, automotive road tar remover, not sure if it would damage the carpet tiles but it should get the tub clean.

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