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Yo Dawg June 25, 2009

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I made this for my brother and surprised him on Facebook.  I made it to try and make up for my improper use of the term “mad” way way back that my brother never lets me forget.  I may have said in excitement over the phone to my little (and much more hip) brother after getting a hand-me-down sofa, “I got mad couch!”.  So this was my attempt to hang in there with the cool kids and make a meme.  Even if it’s a meme whose day is past.


I’m just  “Holdin’ down ground like the Statute of Liberty
So nobody ever can rush my spot”

Forget Dharma, I am a member of the Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies.

Here is their explanation for the Yo Dawg/Sup Dawg Xzibit memes.  Check it out.  There are loads of example, most more clever than mine.  Some totally inappropriate, you have been warned.


One Response to “Yo Dawg”

  1. I guess ya’ll ain’t my demographic on this ‘un!

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