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Get Stuff? June 10, 2009

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Anyone have one?  Like it? Waste of money?

I used to buy books all the time.  I also used to have time to read them.  But then I had children and found myself with neither the time nor the money for books.  The library has become an important part of our family life.  I still don’t have much time for reading other than blogs but I’d like to start reading more again.  Should I stick with the library even though the Due By dates stress me out?  I’m intrigued by the Kindle but worried it would be another piece of technology I felt I HAD to have but then really never used it to it’s fullest potential.

Can you tell I’m thinking of gifts for me from my husband for my 40th.

This is my ‘if we won the lottery’ choice.


At about $30,000. this Hasselblad camera is  just a wee bit out of our range.  But isn’t she a beaut?  I wonder if it’s possible to rent one for a week.

I am making my self sick with this post so I’ll round it out with a little trailer for, Consuming Kids, on how we are ruining our children’ with a culture of consumerism.

I like a little guilt, due to  my poor modeling for my children, to go along with my dreaming of new STUFF.


9 Responses to “Get Stuff?”

  1. cindy Says:

    I just sold one of these for my bosses wife on Amazon. She also had me sell her Sony version. She loved the newer version of the Kindle better than the Sony.. but if you buy the Sony I can send you a case for free—she gave me one brand new in the package but I have no use for a sony reader cover. keep me posted!

  2. Natalie Says:

    Chilling video about the children and consumer culture. It is so hard to supersede and become hyperconscious of how consumption affects our lives due to its insidiousness and multi-leveled marketed rhetoric of necessity to our lives.

    Oh I could go on…I am grappling with these issues regarding women and cosmetic surgery. Anyhoo.

    In regards to the Kindle…my hubby travels much of the year for work and is an avid reader. Last year I bought him a Kindle for Christmas. He loves it because it allows him to read all he wants without carrying books on planes, which can become cumbersome. However at home, he tends to read books. We frequent our local library too. Heck we like to read. I haven’t played with it too much but it has some cool features like a dictionary, marking your place, the ability to make notes, and the capability to download a book at anytime. It is definitely cool gadgetry.

  3. Leigh Says:

    I got a Kindle for Christmas w/o evening knowing what one is… and I LOVE it. LOVE. IT. I am a mom who loves to read but doesn’t have much time to, too…. and the Kindle has helped me read more, read different things, actually keep up with my bookclub picks… plus you get get online with it, can get free books from tons of sources… When I use mine, I feel like a walking Kindle ad b/c I rave about it to everyone. With the new updates the Kindle 2 has, it would be everything I never knew I wanted in an electronic reader… 😉

  4. Chris Says:

    Go for the Hasselblad! A 40th is definitely worth $30K! Or at least an afternoon free to use the old viewfinder!

  5. Anne Says:

    $30,000, really? wow.
    The Kindle thing looks interesting, but I’m old fashioned and like my books in paper.

  6. Anne Says:

    oh, I just posted about Twilight in an embarassing manner.

  7. melissa s. Says:

    even more frightening than the pickled turtles and that video…a $30,000 camera?? scary.

  8. Visty Says:

    I don’t think I could go Kindle. Something about walking out the door with a book tucked into my purse makes me happy. I LOVE LOVE the thrifting for books. If there is something I need specifically, I’ll buy it, but in general, when I need new things to read, I go to the thrift shop.

    Plus, how can you impress anyone with your copy of Atlas Shrugged with a Kindle?

  9. Alexis Says:

    I got a Kindle for my birthday, and I LOOOOOOOOVE it. I carry it with me everywhere and I’ve already read ten books on it. I love real books, and I will never go completely bookless, but Kindle is great for cheap paperbacks and other things that I wouldn’t hang onto anyway.

    Also, if there’s a book you want to read, you can have it in 30 seconds!

    My only caveat would be that it’s really easy to spend too much on Kindle books–you just press a few buttons and they arrive immediately!

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