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Vintage Photo Friday May 22, 2009

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I picked up a few new vintage photos while at Brimfield last weekend.  I am trying to limit my photos to 4 collections:  people at the beach, parade photos, people with eye glasses, and interesting mustachioed men (but would surely buy a woman who met the same criteria).  But the truth is, I mostly buy the photos that “speak” to me.  And so I came home with these 3 little ones.  At 50 cents a photo I kind of felt like it was a rescue mission.

brimfield photos_0003

This guy fits my eye glasses rule but he was coming home with me glasses or not.  Just look at his outfit, that hair, his smile and oh that glorious chair with it’s contrasting floral cushion.  It’s hard to look at these and not think about what his future held for him.

brimfield photosThis little girl’s expression is wonderful but it was the hair that first grabbed me.  If I had given birth to a girl, this is what her hair would look like while I still had a say in it (minus the big a$$ bow).

brimfield photos_0001

And my favorite that I am leaving huge because just LOOK at him (I think).  That belly, that gloriously pudgy baby belly!!!!  As I see it so large I am seeing details I did not see before, who is that on the wall?  What is he standing on?

brimfield photos_0002

This is the back of that adorable baby photo.  What do you think it says?  S. Irvin H. Fort the Third?  Sedwin?  I think he looks like a Sedwin.


I was wondering if you had any creative way to display your old photos.  I was thinking on a “clothes line” but am curious what you do with you old photos?  Maybe I’ll put a stack in an old hat and leave it out for folks to riffle through.  hmmm

& &

Here are the folks who are playing along with Vintage Photo Friday.  Please let me know if you would like to add you to the list.  Come on and play, it’s FUN.

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14 Responses to “Vintage Photo Friday”

  1. That is such a good question…Right now all of mine are in the vintage 50’s suitcase that came from my grandmother.Of course that suitcase is in a closet. I should really take it out and display it….hmmmmm.

    At this point I just mostly scan them with intentions of one day making a multi-scrapbook chronology one day.

  2. Annika Says:

    Little Edwin or whatever his name may be is just SO DELICIOUS.

  3. LOL Annika – you are right Edwin. I always get these things wrong. I go for names like “Sedwin” when deciphering – I can not blame it on lack of glasses.

  4. AJenTooMany Says:

    I’d like to be added, thank you. My vintage photos:

  5. Natalie Says:

    You found some darling little rascals! What a cast of characters.

  6. Anne Says:

    What a cute baby! I think the clothes line idea is good. I was going to make a wall of them with black photo frames…didn’t do it yet.

  7. Sharon Says:

    I’ve always had mixed feeling about old photos – I actually find it immensely depressing that someone’s cherished baby or childhood photo is now in a box at a sale….but at the same time, it’s nice to think that they have been picked out and are being loved by someone. I like the little kid in the glasses as well. All I can think of when I see that baby pic (other than the sweet belly) is how much work it must have been with cloth diapers and no washing machines. No wonder people potty-trained so early! 🙂

  8. Crystal Says:

    Great photos! I always enjoy peeking at your blog on Fridays cause I know you will post some wonderful pics. 🙂

  9. kindred Spirit Says:

    I think the kid in glasses is FDR!

  10. Eartha Says:

    These are great! I’ve had that little girl’s hair my entire life – well, not counting the sketchy Buster Brown and Dorothy Hamill periods.

    That photo on the wall behind Edwin is so fascinating!

  11. Ooh! How does one play Vintage Photo Friday?

    I think the man on the wall is President Taft.

  12. KIm Says:

    I second the Edwin:) It is an old family name from my mother’s side. What an adorable baby!!! Thanks for posting all your lovely findings and I look forward to hearing of your new home! We are moving next week!!!

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