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Alphabet Sunday-ish May 11, 2009

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Lauren says, Z is for Zapatos:


It’s hard to remember them all but I think this is my favorite of yours Lauren.  What a wonderful shot!

Maybe because it’s the last letter of our Alphabet Sunday project or maybe because it’s the dang letter z but I have had a hard time coming up with both a word and an image to represent Z.  I was thinking Zenith for a long time but was flummoxed by the prospect of representing it pictorially.  Then I thought Zone but ???.  So today I was determined to get a Z shot so I carried my camera with me all day, no inspiration.  Finally a friend stepped in!

Tracey says, Z is for Zipper:

z is for zipper

So thanks M for the idea.  “Zipper!” she said immediately as if it were she who had been pondering for two weeks, not me!  So obvious. And thanks also for being one of the hand models!

Big thanks to Lauren for doing the project together.

I look forward to our next!  Any ideas?


5 Responses to “Alphabet Sunday-ish”

  1. Anne Says:

    Opposites? Hot/cold, black/white…or numbers?

  2. ohhh, good ones Anne. I like opposites or numbers. Will think on it!

  3. complete stranger Says:

    I will miss Alphabet Sunday!!!

  4. Visty Says:

    That’s a lot of shoes. I wonder how many we have, as a family…

    Maybe you guys could do a project where you lay out every item of one kind for a picture, like all of your scissors, shoes, telephones… That could be kind of cool in a documentary sort of way.

    • Lauren Says:

      I like this idea of documenting “collections” of sorts… we could do items (phones, shoes) or branch out to colors or shapes… oooohhh… the possibilities…

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