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Sit Down and Let’s Catch Up… May 6, 2009

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I needed help with a craft project so I asked the craftiest folks I know, that’s you bbs!

Each class at my son’s school decorates a chair and then the chairs are sold at the school’s fund-raising auction.  I was asked to make the Kindergarten chair.

Here is the post with the before shots of the chair and table.

The auction was last weekend and it was really so much fun.  We bought 2 pieces of art from 2 very talented artists in the school community and I look forward to hanging them in OUR NEW HOUSE!  I have not been very active on my blog/twitter/etsy because in addition to getting a teaching job for next year, after being home for 7 years, we are in the process of buying a house.  It’s all very exciting, good change!  But my head is spinning a bit with all the details and work to be done!!!  More details to follow as things settle.

But back to the auction.  Here is the finished chair (plus desk) that I decoupaged with the K kids’ amazing drawings of a farm field trip earlier in the year.dsc_0007




Sorry the last one is so blurry!

I like how they came out (5 coats later on the desk legs, ugh) and they raised more money than I thought they would for the school.  Let me just say it’s a 3 digit number that if I were to round (a smidgen) , it would be closer to a 4 digit number!  If I thought for a moment it was my craftiness and not the hard work the of the teachers, the artwork of the kiddos, and the worthy cause that sold the chair, I would be decoupaging instead of typing at this very moment.  🙂

I know you are not supposed to compare yourself or your work with others but who in the hell doesn’t?  When I dropped off the set I felt a little like a kid holding a crayon in the lobby of the Museum of Fine Arts!  The other chairs were very creative and arty, cool conceptual pieces.  But in the end the chair and table went to the family of a little girl who is quite the author at such a tender age so I like to think she will use this desk to write many masterpieces!

Here are some of the other funky chairs people made:


I really wanted this chair.  What you can not see from my photo is that the poetry of the children from this class is swirled in there. Love it and would copy it if I could.


Keys were a big theme of the auction and there was a bidding war for this one!


I know the Pre-K chair must have taken so long to do!  I love hos it is true to the developmental stage of the kids.  Boom DIDDY, A Goodbye!


How fun is this chair?  You know the kids had a BLAST helping make this.


Yeah. I was going to cut out the bottom of my chair and make a beautiful scene with birds and twigs and glue feathers all over the chair but then I just went with paper and glue!  Oi vey, it’s a pretty cool chair!

Now I am off to pack the car with 6 boxes of my destashing for the thrift store!


9 Responses to “Sit Down and Let’s Catch Up…”

  1. cindy Says:

    wow that’s so so great.. very impressive.

  2. kristin Says:

    oh, i love these!!!

  3. melissa s. Says:

    wow wow WOW!! congrats on the job and the house and the chair!! awesome work, all of them!

  4. Mimi K Says:

    wow- the chair came out great! I love that you used kiddo art. Now- I need all the news about a HOUSE… Where?!

  5. Very cool. Seriously the first one after yours is totally fine art. Yikes! But I love how yours was a set and it looked like it belonged to a kid.

    Where are you moving to? NJ? I need crafty friends… 🙂

  6. Visty Says:

    Oooh, the colors of your set are perfectly edible! I love it! How hard was it to watch your kids’ artwork go away like that?

  7. d Says:

    What a great idea for a fund-raiser! Your chair was great…love the use of the children’s work. All chairs are fabulous. Glad you had fun. Can’t wait to visit in hour new house. Congrats.

  8. Anne Says:

    We have to catch up…teaching job?
    Love all the chairs, but what is it about the key one?

  9. Anne Says:

    We have to catch up…teaching job?
    Love all the chairs, but what is it about the key one?
    Did I duplicate this comment?

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