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The Force is Strong With This One… April 29, 2009

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So this is not the Star Wars post I’ve been writing in my head for months but I wanted to document so I can remember.


Tonight I took a deep breath, reached for the Star Wars sticker book and asked, “Hey, you want to do some Star Wars stickers together?”  My son looked a little surprised and very pleased.  We snuggled up on the sofa with the sticker book and then he said, “I’m touched you asked me to do this with you Mom.”   It was a moment filled with bliss and love and victory and it was also a reminder.  A reminder for me to make the effort to understand and connect through his interests, it is a finite amount of time this open book stage.


“I am touched you asked me to do this with you…”  A powerful reminder that he does notice all those times I am not only unable to pick a favorite droid, debate the moral compass of the storm troopers, or choose which light saber I think is the most powerful but that sometimes I am unable to hide my annoyance.  I will savor this moment and hope to remember to make more of them.


10 Responses to “The Force is Strong With This One…”

  1. Faith Says:

    !!!!!!! What a beautiful little story. I’ve gone home 2 weekends in a row to go thrifting with my mom. I wish I said things like this when I was little! Hopefully she realizes it now, but maybe I should say it loud too. Hope all’s well!

  2. Visty Says:

    Oh, man…such sweetness. My boy is the same. The favorites. Oh, the favorites. Pick your favorite.

    One day he started to tell me a story and he said, “Don’t worry, mom, I won’t talk very long.” About broke my heart. But he is such a chatterbox.

  3. Anne Says:

    The force is strong with this one.
    Enjoy it – you can be Princess Leia – right now I am “Poison Ivy Mommy.”

  4. becca Says:

    o, sweet familiar refrain. Please, let them not see my eyes glaze over.

  5. northbranchschool Says:

    We have Star Wars in the vcr in the van right now! I may know it by heart.

  6. complete stranger Says:

    The photographs are amazing, but the story touched my heart.

  7. Expat Mom Says:

    Wow. I love that he articulated his appreciation, what a sweetie! I just love it when they understand these things . . . my 3 year old recently realized that I really don`t like getting up in the early morning with him, so he`s been telling me to stay asleep and even takes his little brother out and gives him his favorite car to keep him busy so “Mama needs sleepies)

  8. Alexis Says:

    Aw! So sweet! We are in a phase of very cute, but interminable puppet shows. Help!

  9. Ellen & Joel Says:

    Oh, I have the same Star Wars fun at my house! I also get asked, “Hey mom, can you do this move?” as a lightsaber goes flying through the air. But it’s all good….and has forced me to really think about which Jedi Master is my favorite and why I think that Jedi is better than Kit Fisto. Important things to think about.

  10. Meg Says:

    I regret the day I revealed my irritation at being forced to play Pretend Star Wars with my 6 year old son (in which we do nothing but make up or re-create scenes from Star Wars episodes… in the car. Vocally. Endlessly.) I hate it. But I love him and his creativity.

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