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Raising 2 crafty boys and thrifting every chance I get.

Hodge Podge April 22, 2009

Freezer paper stenciled Storm Trooper shirt for my big guy who is COMPLETELY engrossed in all things Star Wars (whole other post about that when I am well).


I do not care what my family says, I LOVE this little baby doll.  I went to an estate sale that was crazy-collector FULL of dolls.  This was the one that “spoke” to me.  I gave her/him a little FPS tattoo to help out with the perpetual silent scream.  I ask you again, please do not analyze me.


This is one of those finds that before I even thought of anything else I said to my husband, “The bloggers are going to be SOOOOO jealous!”.  Can anyone else admit to feeling that way?  I probably would not have know this was so dang cool if I hadn’t developed some sort of bloggy aesthetic.


It was published in 1960 and it’s an origami craft book with the most amazing illustrations and examples.  I plan to frame these for my next craft room, where ever she may be…

Favorite one (because the subculture tells me so, wink wink) :


Sore throat, can’t type anymore.

Like crap feel, to nap need.  Seriously WAY too much Star Wars…


11 Responses to “Hodge Podge”

  1. Chris Says:

    I AM sooooooo jealous!

    Sorry to hear about the sore throat. Must have been from screamin’ like that baby!

  2. melissa s. Says:

    so dang jealous! feel better, and then we can compare star wars overload.

  3. complete stranger Says:

    Cannot believe that YOU of all people got this doll…now tell me it is scarier than my doll? LOL Great Crafts book; good find. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. becca Says:

    I know a grown someone that would get serious nightmares from that doll. The origami? Wonderful! Oh and Get Better Soon!

  5. Natalie Says:

    Good stuff, Maynard!

    Feel better soon.
    Don’t forget to gargle with warm salt water & drink tea with lemon and honey.

  6. kindred spirit Says:

    Are you sure Natalie is not related? The gargle with warm salt water would have been exactly what Grandmother would have told you to do! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. katiekatkat Says:

    you’re rivaling the stencil paper queen!!! sprry you feel crappy…

  8. ANne Says:

    about the book:
    mushroom; check
    origami: check
    cute kids: check
    deer: check
    camera: double check
    kid almost getting poked by a bird: well, only I find that funny.

    I actually like the creepy doll the best.
    Tell me where you got the stencil for the freezer paper shirt….

  9. ANne Says:

    Oh, hope you feel better.

  10. katiejean Says:

    I just love the silent scream! Thanks for a good laugh :O

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