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Alphabet Sunday :: R March 8, 2009

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Lauren says, R is for Real Life:


Tracey (who knows nothing of the above subject) says, R is for Rulers:



I Twitter, You Twitter, Together We Tweet March 7, 2009

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Who among you can not get enough of me?

I’d love to know what you ate for breakfast, when someone cuts you off in traffic or get a heads up when you’ve posted a particularly amusing journal.

So leave me your link (especially if you aren’t using your account solely for business plugs – some are okay just don’t get all Bernie and Phil’s on me).

I am paperdolls4boys if you want to follow my ramblings.

Image taken from this interesting article found here.


Next week is my 1 year blog anniversary.  I think I’m going to do a retrospective.  Wait for it!

Oh, and maybe a giveaway (sent in a timely fashion for SURE).


Vintage Photo Friday March 6, 2009

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I love this triptych:


I found these three photos in different places among  my great aunt’s belongings and was thrilled to see that it’s the same woman over time.  I estimate it to be a 50-60 year span.   I wish I knew more about her, her name and her story.  She seems fairly no nonsense judging by the same hairstyle and glasses worn throughout.

The back of the last photo reads:

vpf-backDoes that say, “This is Mama’s don’t you think it is good of Aunt Im”?  Hmmm?

I am sick about the hole in this one.   I regret to say that it came into my possession sans the canyon there.  Sometime I think my home is where vintage comes to die.


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Miss Tilly O’Toole and The Wonderful School March 5, 2009

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the-wonderful-schoolThis was my favorite book as a child.

So in addition to having a Masters in Early Childhood Education (ahem ahem), this book instilled in me high standards.  And I have to say that I love the school my eldest attends.  Thrilled every time I walk into the place, and more importantly, so is my son.

This is national library month and today was ‘come dressed as your favorite literary character’ day.  There was an All School Meeting and kids from each class (K-8) could go to the front of the gym and say who they were dressed as and show the book.  And this is the part that takes it from a special school to a magical place for me, if you didn’t want to dress up then you could just come up and give a recommendation.  How powerful is that for kids of all ages to be recommending books to each other?!

The ASMeetings are definitely “controlled” but the leaders are not controlling.  Today the school’s  fabulous librarians opened up the meeting with a hilarious skit.  They use a sign to get the kids’ attention and the kids flash the sign back, nothing is passive but rather the children have a part in creating the space for people to share during meeting.  I do not doubt that the kids feel like participants in every meeting as opposed to an “audience”.  I just get teary with pride and thankfulness at every Meeting that my kid attends such a marvelous school.

My big guy went dressed as the “Red Knight”, a character from this book:


And my youngest a pirate based on this book:


For some strange reason I have no photos.  Which is too bad because his kick a@@ teachers had totally cool costumes on as well.  I’ll bring my camera at pick up but I’m guessing the costumes will be long gone by then!

What good book recommendations do your kiddos have for mine?  Or if you are without kids, what books do you remember loving when you were a kid?  (costumes optional)


Flush March 3, 2009

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This did not work.


Nor did this.


Plan C,






Fingers crossed!

What potty training tips & tricks do you have for me?

Edit:  I am appreciating all the support and advice!  Even though this is my second child, it’s new territory for me.  My eldest flashed me the sign for potty at 16 months and then proceeded to basically potty train himself.  So true to form, I assumed it was my special technique based on attachment parenting called, “Co-Crapping” ( I was going to write a book and everything).  I kid – but my first born was (is) the clingy sort and so we did make the joke.

Update:  We have reached 5 duckie stickers on the chart and are getting a rubber duck today.

To summarize from your comments:

-naked time works

-stick potty in front of tv

-potty on the go, it’s a good thing

-potty training = staying home (no problem there)

-rewards are not so bad, lollipops etc!

-something about telling the kid to send the dukes back to its family (did I get that right, Cindy?)


Alphabet Sunday :: Q March 1, 2009

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Lauren says, Q is for Quiz:


Tracey says, Q is for Quattro: