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More Than Words March 18, 2009

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Last night I was reading to my big guy, my “first baby” as he reminds me, and I was overcome with emotions and memories and a longing to press pause in real life.  I did scoop him up and hold him like I did when he was a baby, veiled in a joke because that is the only way holding him like that would fly these days!  After all he is almost 7, don’t you know!  There was a second last night when I could see a shadow of his future mustache, right there under his teenage nose.  I think that’s what triggered my mommy tears, all “happy tears” I assured him. “Uh, ok after you tell me about me when I was a baby, will you read more Captain Underpants to me?”

And my baby baby, my “last baby” is soon to be 3 and despite the diapers and the pacifiers, he is NO baby.  He is full of questions these days, my current favorite is, “Momma, who made me?”.   Which brings me back to my happy mommy tears, “We did, Honey.  Mommy and Daddy made you!”  which leads to, “Who made daddy?”  and on and on…

And then there is the stuff captured in this photo – my boys creating together, working peacefully side by side and growing into a solid team, that stuff (the important stuff) is melting my heart.

I wonder if I am getting all reflecty because I am going to be 40 this summer?


6 Responses to “More Than Words”

  1. Alexis Says:

    40 definitely led to reflection for me, and the fact that my baby is now a kid, and that my oldest will go to middle school in a year and a half. OK, that just scared me–I have to think of something cheery, like pudding or chocolate!

  2. Paige Says:

    I think it’s a combination of nearing 40 and being an awesome mom to your boys. Have a good cry if you wanna, and then give yourself a pat on the back, because you deserve it!

  3. Dagmar Says:

    aaah, — take a peak at what I wrote yesterday… and I am not even turning 40.. Sometimes it is just certain moments where it clicks… I am definitely with you!

  4. lexi Says:

    Sooo glad I am not the only Mama getting teary at things like this. Sweet shot. Tracey, you’re SO good.

  5. complete stranger Says:

    And when they are forty, you try to trick them into your lap once more ( knowing it probably won’t fly), hold them as close to your heart as a 3 or 7 year old, nuzzle your nose into their hair, and whisper, I love you so much it still makes me cry.

  6. I love this picture and the sharing of creating beauty that’s going on.

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