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Vintage Photo Friday :: Kids March 13, 2009

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I am in the mood for babies & children, pictorially speaking.  I am earnestly holding at 2, but still have my list of unused baby names.  So today I am posting some of my favorite vintage kiddo photographs and naming each child as if they were my own (all the fun without the dirty dukes, incessant needs and pesky college funds).

This is Otto.  I struggle to connect with him.  He’s my most stand-offish child, not very affectionate but seems to have a mind for science.  And a penchant for fine footwear.


Here are my twins, Gus and Otis.  Little rascals, full of fun and love.  Sitting in my favorite deck chair.  Up to no good, I’m sure.


And here we have, from left to right, Petey, Hazel and Solomon.  I can’t claim Petey.  He’s an ever present kid from the neighborhood. But little Hazel and Sol are rocking my good looks.


And here is little Orly with her favorite doll baby, Willa.  She has me sewing frocks for that doll day and night.  I whipped this one up last night, I didn’t work from a pattern, just an image from her imagination and my mad skills.


Alrighty, that was fun.

Now I am going to wrestle my real life kiddo down for nap and map out our weekend, IKEA here we come.

Plus, keep signing up for my giveaway if you know what’s good for you..

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Ellen Bloom


11 Responses to “Vintage Photo Friday :: Kids”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I think Otto is my favorite. I like his haircut.

  2. That’s my favorite photo but in real (pretend) life he is a pain in my a@@.

    I just Twittered your VPF photo for this week!

  3. complete stranger Says:

    I am thrilled!!! Now I can start buying dolls and dresses or Orly.

  4. cindy Says:

    cute! good idea with naming them. I’d name one Oliver and Dante and Simone

  5. […] Apologies for the terrible scans. I don’t know who made them, but I’m happy to have even crappy versions of the pictures. More vintage photos here. […]

  6. Ellen Bloom Says:

    You omitted me! I love this feature!!

    Ellen Bloom
    “L.A. Is My Beat”

  7. complete stranger Says:

    /#3 should read, “for” Orly…oops

  8. caroline Says:

    Oh, that one was extra funny. Otto’s penchant for fine footwear did me in!

  9. melissa s. Says:

    otto’s home haircut just made my day. (happy weekend!)

  10. Daisy Says:

    That baby doll is…um…well…okay, scary!!

  11. Dagmar Says:

    I’d like to apply for adoption of — Otto…!
    Great post – thanx!

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