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I Twitter, You Twitter, Together We Tweet March 7, 2009

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Who among you can not get enough of me?

I’d love to know what you ate for breakfast, when someone cuts you off in traffic or get a heads up when you’ve posted a particularly amusing journal.

So leave me your link (especially if you aren’t using your account solely for business plugs – some are okay just don’t get all Bernie and Phil’s on me).

I am paperdolls4boys if you want to follow my ramblings.

Image taken from this interesting article found here.


Next week is my 1 year blog anniversary.  I think I’m going to do a retrospective.  Wait for it!

Oh, and maybe a giveaway (sent in a timely fashion for SURE).


4 Responses to “I Twitter, You Twitter, Together We Tweet”

  1. melissa s. Says:

    i untweeted myself, but may have to retweet if fun people like you are in the twitter realm.

  2. OK, that image is totally cool! I hope this post was inspired by our tweeterific conversation yesterday. I’m all about the twitter love!

  3. Melissa – please do, I would love to tweet with you!
    Meg – totally, and even more by your FB post today! You’re viral bb!

  4. awesome! I’m vintagemafia on Twitter:

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