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Flush March 3, 2009

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This did not work.


Nor did this.


Plan C,






Fingers crossed!

What potty training tips & tricks do you have for me?

Edit:  I am appreciating all the support and advice!  Even though this is my second child, it’s new territory for me.  My eldest flashed me the sign for potty at 16 months and then proceeded to basically potty train himself.  So true to form, I assumed it was my special technique based on attachment parenting called, “Co-Crapping” ( I was going to write a book and everything).  I kid – but my first born was (is) the clingy sort and so we did make the joke.

Update:  We have reached 5 duckie stickers on the chart and are getting a rubber duck today.

To summarize from your comments:

-naked time works

-stick potty in front of tv

-potty on the go, it’s a good thing

-potty training = staying home (no problem there)

-rewards are not so bad, lollipops etc!

-something about telling the kid to send the dukes back to its family (did I get that right, Cindy?)


13 Responses to “Flush”

  1. Natalie Says:

    If the duckie chart doesn’t work you can always throw the paper duckie in the toilet and he can take aim. 😉
    Good luck.

  2. melissa s. Says:

    potties, binkies…it seems we’re living parallel lives right now!

  3. And exciting parallel lives they are! 🙂

  4. Cindy Says:

    It may sound a little weird but the only thing that worked for my son was to tell him that he had to return the stuff to their family and that meant he had to go in the toilet. He just had to listen to hear if they were telling him to go to the toilet. He would not sit and wee either – he had to stand up.
    If that all still doesn’t work, I hate to tell you but he just isn’t that into you. I would leave it for 2 months and try again if all that effort isn’t working he just doesn’t feel ready.

  5. Expat Mom Says:

    Ha! I`m at the same stage. And tired of it. With two in diapers I just want ONE to stop using them. No luck so far, he just yells at me, “I want my diapers! I LIKE diapers.” Hmph.

  6. sarah Says:

    my sons have all responded well to the allure of “naked-time.” boys and their love of being naked…. it’s beyond me. but anyway, our winning potty training combo has been naked time, a slew of cartoons that are normally pretty limited, the potty chair parked in front of the tv, and an abundance of small rewards (like dum dum suckers.) and for about a week, we don’t go anywhere.

    oh good luck. don’t sweat the accidents. they all eventually succeed.

    (i finally clicked through to your blog! i’ve always enjoyed your comments on greenjello and i’m loving your beautiful photos!)

  7. Sharon Says:

    The number one thing that helped us was keeping a potty in the car – that way, there was none of that stress while we were out about finding a bathroom. I kept plastic bags, wipes, etc. in the car, and would have the boys use the potty right before we went in anywhere. The other thing that helped was planning to stay home for the first 2 weeks of early potty training, with the naked thing helping quite a bit. and we used those Gerber cotton training pants instead of Pull-Ups. You’ll get there, it just feels endless while you are in the trenches…

  8. complete stranger Says:

    Our girl did very well with the reward system and trained quite quickly; not so much with the second child. What eventually worked for him was was the “hero” method. He adored and held in highest esteem, an older boy in the neighborhood, Jon Joel. So when his diaper was wet, we would say, ” Oh, my goodness, JonJoel does not wet his diaper. He is a big boy, and goes to the potty!” When he was on the potty, we would say, ” JonJoel is a big boy, and he does in the potty too, what a big boy you are!” Sometimes we would say “Daddy” instead of JonJoel Mostly, he would give us the “Who gives a Crap (no pun intended) look”, but eventually either it worked, or he was just ready. I like all the suggestions and comments above especially Natiale! Good luck.

  9. Chris Says:

    What about a little “brother” time? Have big bro show him how it’s done. (Dad’s can do the same thing, but my hubby said the the “size difference” scared bejeezus out of him to the point where he still remembers it 45 years later!)

    Of course, what 6 year old wants his kid brother “watching” in the bathroom. So maybe wait and try again. Naked time works well in the warm weather! It did for my eldest girl.

  10. Michelle Says:

    Just found your blog. Love it!
    I’m in the binky/potty boat with you and melissa s. I’m totally trying the ‘send the baby poops back to their families of origin’ strategy. I think it will appeal to my daughter’s sense of drama…

  11. Anne Says:

    We have a man who lives in the toilet and collects poo and leaves presents. Works like a charm, but does creep some kids out – my friend tried it with her son and he said, “he’s a filthy man, I’m not leaving him my poo!”

    I believe if they are ready, they will just do it. If you are spending a lot of time being frustrated, give up for a while.

    Sounds like you are on the right track.

  12. I vote to go for naked time in the summer if all else fails and you need to take a bit of a break. Or, cloth dipes so he feels the wetness when he pees? Or undies inside so you see the pee starting and then help him finish in the toilet? Then gradually more and more will end up in the toilet? Nothing mind-blowing here, I’m afraid, although I badly want to understand Cindy’s technique….

  13. Mike Says:

    I love this entry and your blog! Great pics!

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