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Vintage Photo Friday February 27, 2009

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This photos lives on my nightstand.  This is my Aunt(ish) Nancy and it’s a photo of her I never saw until after she died.  It reminds me that people carry a whole host of stories and happenings with them and not to judge or be to quick to “sum” people up.  We all have stories to tell and I should be so lucky to hear them.

Not that I ever wrote her off but I didn’t ask who she was in her heart.  I like to think this might be how she saw herself, right up to the end.


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Let me know if you want to join in or bail out and I will edit accordingly!


Our homework this weekend is to ask 1 person to tell us a story about themselves from before we knew them.  Could be a good blog post.

Have a great weekend!


9 Responses to “Vintage Photo Friday”

  1. Annika Says:

    I’m going to join in this week!

  2. […] This is my mom. Isn’t she pretty? I’d guess that’s around 1970. More Vintage Photos. […]

  3. Sara R. Says:

    I think I’d like to join this week.

  4. Valerie Says:

    What a fun idea! I just posted my first “Vintage Photo Friday” post. 🙂

  5. complete stranger Says:

    I never saw that photo before either. Wonderful picture of Nancy. She HAD some stories to tell. RW can share some with you, but your question that you posed is a good one. Do we really know who we are in our hearts? A good question to ponder.

  6. complete stranger Says:

    Sara, your great, great grandmother looks like a movie star! And your photo is in such good condition as well.

  7. Anne Says:

    Love this photo – yes, it’s fur & smoking week!

  8. Natalie Says:

    Love the photo. She is one lovely lady.

    I wanna play along too! I’ll be in for next Friday

  9. Alexis Says:

    I missed it! I’m so sorry but my stupid scanner will not cooperate! I will take pictures of pictures I guess.

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