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Yellow Day :: Day 5 February 20, 2009

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And I think this wraps up Yellow Week, at least for me.  This week I learned that I like the structure of having a theme but that it also makes me a bit of a lazy blogger.  I also came to find out that I do not really love yellow.  I like yellow-green, yellow-gold, yellow-orange but not really yellow-yellow, public banana eating yellow is not my thing.

And to wrap up my warm fuzzy infused post I share with you my yellowish final entry:


I am counting her necklaces and scarf as having yellow tones.  Right?

This is a doll my father brought back from India for me when I was a little girl.  She has survived (not unscathed) many a move and I treasure her more now than I did as a kid, I am sure.  Just look at her jewelry, her chain, her mendhi, the fabric – she is divine.  I went a little clown shoe crazy today and took many many shots of this doll.  Check out my flickr if you want to ogle this lovely from more angles.


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