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Quick “Homemade” Valentine February 13, 2009

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I love a good handmade Valentine and so does my son.  For the first 3 and then he runs out of interest and our lovely Valentine making project turns into a battle, “Just 15 more to go. Come ON!”  Not in the spirit, huh?  This year I was prepared.  My son set up a scene in my light box with his favorite stuffed animal and a background he drew.  He spelled out his name in candy hearts (I covered them with big fake ones for the blog, you get the idea) .  I gave him full artistic license and he took the photo himself.  We messed around with Picnik and he added the peace sign and double “gritty” to the original photo.   We sent it off to Snapfish and then presto we got “homemade” Valentine cards delivered to our door soon afterward.


So it may be too late for you this year.  I’m talking to you tired mom with glitter glued to her finger tips!

But tuck this idea away for next year.  It’s a winner!

Happy Valentine’s making to you and yours.


2 Responses to “Quick “Homemade” Valentine”

  1. Complete Stanger Says:

    So many skills wrapped up in one super valentine! Great job to Mom and son! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Lauren Says:

    such a great idea… every bit.

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