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Your Brain, Please February 11, 2009

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You are all the craftiest folks I know and I could use your help!    If you are a friend, a reader, a commenter, a lurker, a stumbler, or just an other;  I need to pick your brains.

Here is the deal, every class at my son’s school decorates 1 chair which is then put up for auction to raise money for the school.  I was asked to be responsible for the K chair.  I was thrilled and flattered!  I picked this wonderful (but in retrospect more work!) vintage desk and chair.

My first ideas were:

-sort of decoupage but of what?  The children?

-A stencil of words to describe the school.

-Chalk board paint and…?

– a paint by numbers kind of thing.  I am thinking about using a photo of the AMAZING teachers (which would open up bidding to other grades and not be so specific to the parents in this current K)  A friend suggested I use the Obamicon but it didn’t quite come out right.

-My very first idea was to have the kids rip strips of fabric and weave it in the slats of the chair but while I like the symbolism I think it would look a mess.

My sense is that in the past the children have had varying levels of participation.  I was hoping the woodshop teacher would let me bring in the pieces so the kids could help sand as a choice during woodshop.  And hopefully they could be involved a little bit more than that as well.

Any ideas?  Links?  Suggestions?  Half formed visions?  Exact drawn out plans?  I welcome any and all suggestions.  PLEASE HELP.




Oi vey, I am starting to panic.


13 Responses to “Your Brain, Please”

  1. Anne Says:

    First, very nice desk!

    I would use chalkboard paint on the top of the desk.
    Inside I would decoupage pictures from the school – the teachers, the kids and words that describe the school from the students – in their own handwriting would be best. Then,
    I would have to use vintage images and decoupage the outside – I have some extra scraps if you need some.

    Another idea: paint a growing tree starting at the bottom of the desk, with small pictures of the childen in the branches. Let the kids draw little animals for the branches. Find some inspirational poem or words to decribe the tree of learning, or growning, blah, blah, blah.

    Or: if you have access to old pictures from the school, decoupage a memory desk.

    I guess it depends on what you are trying to do – make it look vintage wonderful or pulling at the parent’s heart strings for $$. We had those Chicago cows that were decorated and people went nuts over them – maybe you can find inspiration there.

    I wish I lived by you, because I would be over in a flash with a brush in hand!

  2. OK I’m thinking the aim here is to earn the most possible money, right? So, while sentimental, I personally wouldn’t want furniture with pictures of the teachers on it, but I drop a good chunk of change for a “cool” desk set.

    I like the chalkboard paint for the desktop idea. Very cool. Then I would say decoupage is a good way to let the kids participate, while keeping it looking nice. Choose scrapbook papers, fabrics, or even vintage illustration, and have the kids help with the cutting and gluing. Messy, but fun. Plus you can pick a color scheme and by only giving them those options, it will look more “together” when it’s done.
    I would pick sections of the chair and desk and decoupage only those areas (maybe the seat of the chair and the cross bars and the body of the desk, but not the legs all the way up). I think it would look nice and “finished” if the other parts were simply painted complimentary colors.
    I’m sure there are more creative folks out there…just a few ideas for you!

  3. cindy Says:

    a decoupage would be awesome.. Esp like the person above said.. on the tops. Maybe you could put a lil bit of all that they are learning? numbers, pictures, history, etc etc-or things that are related to THIS era.

  4. Alexis Says:

    I love the chalkboard and decoupage ideas. At our pre-school, we usually paint a base color and then have the kids do handprints on it, or thumbprints which we turn into little animals. We found that if we had all the kids’ names on it, the bids went up!

  5. kindred spirit Says:

    All ideas sound great to me. If you went with Alexis’ idea of the thumbprints you could use this slogan…I’m thumbody special!

  6. kindred spirit Says:

    By the way…be looking for a package!

  7. becca Says:

    don’t freak out! It will be a lot of work though, but sure to be fabulous!
    I also love the chalkboard paint idea. I am a mosaic fan, but decoupage would be easier and perhaps easier to personalize. Depending on the number of children, they could each get a template for a chair seat, back of chair, side of desk, etc.
    They could “hide” their names throughout.

    I agree that parts should be painted one color (which could also be a kid job) and parts decorated.
    I am now going off to give this more thought . . . I’ll let you know if I come up with anything of merit!

  8. Lauren Says:

    i’m putting the idea in for Eric Carle style papers for a decopage collage… kids can make the papers… then you can cut them out for a collage of…? On the inside of the desk pictures of the kids that worked on it.

  9. While I”m still lovin’ my obamicon idea (one pic of each kiddo or something), I also just like decoupage of art the kids have done. And perhaps their pics and teacher pics on the inside? Then it’s hidden in case you don’t want our children’s lovely faces out and about in the house all the time (you being the winning bidder).

    Goodness it’s a hard one. One other idea: There seem to be some traditions that are uniquely K, like the valentine’s hats. I wonder if somehow you could represent those in the decoupage. then others in the school would totally recognize everything.

    And personally, I loathe chalk so I’m against chalkboard paint, but that’s just me.

  10. Limor Says:

    I love the Eric Carle papes idea. I think that it would be cool to decoupage with paper/fabric, and incorporate little notes from the kids. Maybe they can each write (someone write/type for them) what they want to be when they grow up, and incorporate that into the decoupage.

  11. melissa s. Says:

    omg that is the coolest fracken desk/chair combo ever! my first thought would be to hoard the items for myself, but i guess that doesn’t help you much. thankfully, you have some great ideas up there in the previous comments 😉

  12. Complete Stanger Says:

    Can’t wait to see the final results!

  13. Visty Says:

    I wouldn’t put anyone’s pictures on it. How about you sand the desk up nice, then carve all the names in the top in childlike fonts, like the desk has been used by all those kids, then rub a stain over them so the stain sets in the names. Wipe the stain off the desk. Then refinish the desk however you want.

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