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A Perfect Afternoon February 9, 2009

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One of my favorite times is when my little one wakes up from his nap. (Okay, there are times it is hard to pull myself off the computer, put down my book or stop sewing but even then I am happy he is safe and up and looking for me!)  Sometimes I can hear the fast pitter patter of his feet running down the hallway but my favorite times he calls out, “Mommy”, and I go in and get some sugar.  Today was perfect.  The boys and I spent a good part of yesterday cleaning, organizing and revamping their bedroom.  If felt good to go into a clean room and I could tell he felt like staying put.  The pile of books he stacked by the bed was a big clue.  We snuggled, read, looked at photo albums and then I ran for the camera.

reading-under-the-loftThe drawing was done by a 6 year old he idolizes.  She is the daughter of a good friend and a friend to my oldest since they were babies in playgroup.  She made it for him and we’ve hung it up on the bottom slates of the upper bunk.  It’s very sweet.  The cloud fabric pockets (second from bottom right) hung on his crib and yesterday we put them up at the foot of his bed to make the bottom bunk a little more cozy and comfy and less like the little brother dungeon.  You can also see the remnants of the robot wall stickers,  he peeled 3 off the first night they were up.

After reading and drawing we played the postcard game.  My parents do a great job of sending the boys postcards when they travel and the boys have saved them all.  I bought a pocket chart at the $1 section of Target and both boys enjoy putting them up and rearranging them.  A new “game” my youngest likes to play is planning to go or avoid the places depicted on the cards.  Today he showed me the dolphin postcard from Florida and said, “I no want go there.  Too loud.”  The cavern postcard also got the pass, “I no go there.  Too dark!”  but he was very excited about the old mill which he mistook for a mall, “Have duckie in there?”  He is a sucker for rubber duckies.

I think the possibility of going back to work is on my mind and I’m treasure moments like this afternoon even more.

So thank you little one for a perfect afternoon of laughs and learning together.


7 Responses to “A Perfect Afternoon”

  1. melissa s. Says:

    post-naptime is my favorite, too. a few minutes of snuggling a warm neck can do wonders for the soul (not to mention the soul-nourishing quiet time that mom gets during naptime, too!)

  2. Complete Stanger Says:

    Such a sweet, sensitive loving blog…brought tears to my eyes. Your writing makes me feel as though I can actually hear the pitter patter of his sweet little feet. I am so glad you treasure those moments; and document them so well.

  3. Visty Says:

    bittersweet for sure. did you eat those pudgy feet sticking out of those orange pants??

  4. Anne Says:

    It’s so nice when you have days like this….

  5. Carrie Says:

    Sounds like a great day! I love snuggling the kids after a nap…they are just so soft and warm! The baby is always happy to see me and it melts my heart!

  6. Crystal Says:

    Ack! Darling pictures!

    Afternoons like those are magical.

  7. Alexis Says:

    I miss those after-nap times. If my little one naps now, she stays up until 11:30, so we’ve given up the naps.

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