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25 (or so) Random Things February 7, 2009

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My blend Alexis, over at Knot Sew Crafty, posted her 25 things from FB and I am copying her.  (I’m lucky enough to be her FB friend as well!)  I’m also friends with someone on FB who is friends with Jay McCarroll, of Project Runway fame and Free Spirit greatness (I’m cool once removed).

Some of this I actually plucked from the blog so you may have read it already.  Extra points for you if you’ve stuck with me the whole time, even I have taken a break from my blog a few times!


1. When I was a kid I thought I convinced my dad that I had magic powers. I would “make” the traffic light turn green by timing my “magic” based on the intersection traffic patterns. Of course my dad figured it out but looking back I appreciate that he let me believe I was pulling one over on him.

2. Our family car game growing up was called, “Boom-Boom”. The first person to yell, “BOOM-BOOM” as we crossed the rail road tracks was the winner. My younger brother recently got a tattoo on his arm, right next to his train tattoo, that reads, “BOOM -BOOM”. When he showed it to me for the first time on Skype I said, “This doesn’t mean you win you know.” and then he showed me the fine print of his tattoo that reads, “I WIN”!

3. While crossing the street in Pattaya Beach when I was in College, I was hit by a prostitute (I’m not judging, just reporting the facts) driving a motorcycle who shouted at me while I was down, “F@ck you! I beep horn! Why you not look? ” I lay there bleeding and bruised and flung back at her, “Mee ben ha, lur?” which means, You got a problem? It was all I could come up with in Thai and it was lame. Ask my brother about it, he’s still laughing about how I got pwned.

4. I am a little scared to pump gas into our car and am thankful MA is a full service state.

5. I still watch MTV’s The Real World. Have not missed a single season since New York (the original NY). Love you Norm!

6. I used to have a pac-man phone when I was in middle school. I really really wish I still had it.

7. I got married in pants and we had a jukebox at the reception (in our yard). I am proud of the fact that my husband and I planned every bit of our celebration together.

8. I try and take at least one photograph a day.

9. When I moved to Boston, the summer before Grad School, I was all by myself for my birthday so I walked into a really cool shop on Newbury Street and worked it out with one of the women working there to put together a present for me. I gave her around 30 bucks and told her to surprise me. I came back a couple of days later and had a nice box of little trinkets wrapped all pretty waiting for me.

10. I am having trouble memorizing the number of my new-ish cell phone (I got it last summer).

11. I feel compelled to buy every linen napkin I come across second hand. And, surprisingly, it does not squick me out to use them.

12. I do not like mouth sounds. Public whistlers are assholes.

13. I am obsessed with looking at Real Estate online.

14. I habitually return library books late. I have paid a shockily large amount to our local library throughout the years. I call myself “an unofficial friend of the library”.

15. Raw tomatoes make me throw up. I miss heirlooms.

16. I collect ephemera and had to listen to the online dictionary’s pronunciation of the word many times before I had the guts to use it in conversation. Now I use it WAY too much.

17. I have driven (or ridden) across the U.S. 5 times and we hope to take the kids before too long.

18. I kind of think I’d be a good gourd farmer. Maybe.

19. I go to rummage sales at least an hour early to wait in line before it opens. I have met many interesting people this way although that it not why I do it.

20. I have never sent nor received a text message.

21. I have 2 Etsy shops and have 2 more in the works. I enjoy the process of finding, photographing, and selling immensely. I do not like the shipping at all. Although Paul (or is it Frank?) at my local P.O. is a very kind person.

22. Once during summer break from college I went on a trek upcountry in Thailand and met a Korean man I nicknamed Billy the Kid. We hadn’t even started the trek but were at a waterfall having lunch on the way up to the drop off point and Billy the Kid picked up a police officers riffle and fired it, thinking it was… I don’t know what in the hell he was thinking. Once we all checked to make sure we were not shot, it was funny as hell. He was lucky to not be arrested and we were lucky to be alive.

23. I have killed all my house plants.  Not on purpose.

24. Thrift stores are my happy places when I need a pick me up.

25. My now husband and I went to see the Squirrel Nut Zippers at the Roxy in Boston for our first date. Before the show started we went to the arcade and played air hockey.  In the best move ever, he slid a mix tape he made across the table to me in the middle of the game. Swoon.

If you would like to list your 25 Random Things, feel free!


8 Responses to “25 (or so) Random Things”

  1. Complete Stanger Says:

    Really enjoyed your list. Especially loved your Thailand stories. I have my list on my Facepage. I did one when I was tagged by one of my former students from the late 80’s. It was fun to do. But yours is written so much better than mine. Hope you get some nice tags from it.

  2. melissa s. Says:

    I have 25 more reasons to love you.

  3. caroline Says:

    Again I say, you MUST be my long lost sister! Except I was never run over by a prostitute. And my husband has never made me a mix tape.

  4. Expat Mom Says:

    I`m with you on mouth sounds for the most part, particularly whistling. There are very few people who can whistle well. My husband is not one of them . . . . but he insists on doing it ALL THE TIME. Even my kids ask him to stop. 🙂

    Fun to learn more about you, I did this list on Facebook, but I`m thinking I might have to post it on my blog.

  5. Lauren Says:

    “public whistlers are assholes” and that is why i love you.

  6. Anne Says:

    This is a great list – I think someone tagged me on Facebook, but I haven’t been back there……

  7. Visty Says:

    I will only do a list if I think I can be as entertaining and funny as you were! Your list was the very first one I have no quit on halfway through.

  8. Lucille Says:

    Funny! And #14…! I think the same thing! I have actually said as much to the librarians when I stand there counting out coins or writing out checks… esp the big ones… like it’s my due for how much I use the library!

    P.S. #23. Totally. Although the lucky bamboo I bought at Ikea I was thinking was turning out to be the perfect plant because it just sits in water, and it was green and growing tall…and now THAT sucker is dying too.

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