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Box of Trinkets from My Brother February 6, 2009

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I’ve got a sore throat so I won’t talk much today.

Wanted to share a box my brother gave me a while back.









Well, just one story.

These are from the estate of what we called my aunts but I’m not sure exactly the relation.  3rd cousins?  Doesn’t matter, these ladies were golden.  Good sisters who stuck together but did not take gruff from anyone and could talk a mouth full of truck if need be.  Nice southern ladies.  Stop me if I have told you this one before, oh right – you CAN’T!

I was visiting them from college with a friend and they drove us, in their big ole station wagon, to the restaurant.  As we were about to park a woman ambled by ever so slowly, making it so Aunt N & N had to wait.  Aunt N (the sassier of the two) said, “Well HELLO THERE uglier than me!”.  The windows were up, no harm no foul.  But we laughed hard about it, and not just that day.  I think at the time it was the shock of it.  As I age (not gracefully at all) I am realizing the old are not bereft of personality like perhaps I may have thought as a young girl.


5 Responses to “Box of Trinkets from My Brother”

  1. Complete Stranger Says:

    I saw dads Vietnam service ribbon in there too. I also remeber driving around near their house in Myrtle Beach and Nelly lee askin if we knew the diofference between Naked and Neekid. Naked means you got no cloths on. Neekid means ya got no cloths on and yer up to somethin’

  2. Yo Brotha Says:

    yo that was me no mom.

  3. melissa s. Says:

    LOL! after your post and “complete stranger’s” comment, i’m beginning to think ‘sass’ is a familial trait 😉

  4. cindy Says:

    i’m scared of what I may be like when i’m much older.. HA !!

  5. Complete Stanger Says:

    Nice that you and yo Brotha enjoy collection of things as much as your granddaddy and daddy.

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