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Tutorial For Craft You Already Know How To Do! January 27, 2009

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This was one of the easiest Freezer Paper Stencils I’ve ever done.  My oldest thought the photo of my youngest sticking out his tongue was “cute” and wanted me to print it out.  Broken printer so I FPS’ed it on a shirt instead.  I scored a cute Garnet Hill shirt from the thrift store yesterday that I spied with FPS’ing in mind.  I  then used the tracing trick to get the image for the shirt, cut it out, ironed it and slapped some fabric paint on it.

I just stepped away from the computer to try and make my first TUTORIAL!  Of course I did not think to document as I went last night so I just recreated the steps to make this easy and fun fps silhouette shirt.

Step 1 :: Pick image you want to make and gather your materials:  freezer paper (different from wax paper in that it is waxy only on one side), pencil, sharp little scissors, paint, shirt.  You can get freezer paper at some grocery stores and at most craft stores.  Giant hiney shaped gourd basket, optional.


Step 2 ::  Trace image using freezer paper (remember to use painters tape so it doesn’t gunk up the screen).


Step 3 :: Cut out the image.  You can either make a clean cut in from the corner or fold and cut.  You need to do this step cleanly because it’s going to form the outline for your stencil, you paint the negative space.


Step 4 :: Iron your stencil wax side down onto your shirt (underwear, pants, whatever!).  Be sure of placement because these stencils are 1 shot only.


Step 5 ::   Paint the inside of your stencil.  I usually paint starting from the paper going towards the middle to decrease chance of the paint bleeding.  Any fabric paint works but word in my craft group is that these potted paints are the best:


Step 6 ::  I am an impatient person so I usually peel my stencil off straight away.  I’ve never had a problem, just make sure to be careful not to let the wet paint on the paper rub against either the clothes you are actually wearing or the project you’ve just put a lot of time and effort into!  Not that I have done either mind you, just a word to the wise.

Step 7 ::  Let it dry.  The directions say 24 hours but re-read step 6.  Last night I waited exactly an hour, then ironed it and let it sit over night.  I’m throwing it in the wash today (inside out) and I’ll let you know if the silhouette slides off!


Here is the book I bought but haven’t exactly read (this post on Whatknot really rang true for me).


But as I flipped through I was particularly taken by this looker:


And intimidated by the advanced nature of these ‘uns:


And that, my friends, is my first tutorial.

Today I do not feel like a craft blog imposter!


15 Responses to “Tutorial For Craft You Already Know How To Do!”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Fantastic tutorial!

    I think I have to track down a copy of that book. I have a thing for silhouettes…

  2. Lauren Says:

    great tutorial, i keep having to go back and really look because i am getting very sidetracked by the other cool things in your photo’s that have nothing to do with the stenciling. like that tin tray and of course the hiney shaped goard.

  3. Oh gee, are other things visible in the shots? I didn’t notice! 🙂

    I picked up that tray at the Goodwill, 25 cents bb! I have never been a pink-type gal but I’m coming around.

  4. Chris Says:

    And of course the “jade” brush holder. Heck, girl, the accoutrements are what make it YOUR craft room.

  5. caroline Says:

    I LOVE that! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

  6. Great art, The step wise explanations is very helpful.


  7. Visty Says:

    I was going to do this a while back. I bought tshirts, stencil pouncers, the paint, the freezer paper…I never did it. I want to! Now that I see I could make myself a tshirt of someone sticking out their tongue, why, that never occurred to me!

  8. Sharon Says:

    Wow, those are cool! Nice score on the Garnet Hill shirt, too. I may have to come shop up there, which should be OK, since we won’t be in competition for the same sizes for our boys 🙂

    Have you heard of Kara Walker, the silhouette artist? Google her if you haven’t, she does some very interesting work. I think you would like it.

  9. Sharon Says:

    Speaking of other things in your photo, I have the Keep Calm poster in red, in what looks to be the exact same frame as yours! Spooky!

  10. Paige Says:

    Nice tute! And I totally want one of those Keep Calm posters…

  11. Complete Stranger Says:

    Way to Trace, Trace!

  12. dancingwithfrogs Says:

    Freezer paper isn’t readily available in Australia. I started quilting last year and kept seeing people blogging about freezer paper labels. I went to the supermarket and scanned the shelves. Nothing. Itr was driving me crazy.
    Finally I blogged about it and a lovely American reader sent me some. Enough to make a hundred labels. (I’m not sure I have that many quilts in me…)
    This looks like something I could have a bit of fun with as well.

  13. chogirl Says:

    excellent, I was just planning some silhouettes – I kid you not, as I stumbled upon silhouette paper when order art supplies. I love the idea of the irreverent ones. . .

  14. melissa Says:

    wow. we’re going to try this today! And I’m thinking how cool this might be for a classroom mother’s day gift. . . .

  15. joniphippin Says:

    I love the tutorial and your hiney thingy ( I am scottish so I am guessing what a hiney is……..)

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