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Look at Me When I’m Talking To YOU January 16, 2009

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Ever want to administer a gentle bap to the face of anyone in customer service?  I’m not talking anything that would leave a mark, just an “OK, I heard your tone and I raise you a mitten to the face” kind of move.    Let me begin by saying that I would fail miserably in customer service.

There are many jobs I’d like to think I could do well, listening to the gripes of the masses is not one of them.  I get it.  But if I were ever to find myself working C.S. I would treat them like my first graders, “Yes, I hear what you are saying.  That doesn’t feel fair that your friend got to buy the bread on sale but when you shopped it was full price…” etc.  But why am I sympathizing?  This was meant to be a ‘I’ve been stuck sick in the house for 3 days and you bugged me on my maiden voyage” kind of rant.

Back on point, one of the grocery stores in my town doesn’t have a little corral for the shopping carts in the parking lot.  They just recently closed the place down for a total renovation, looks great but I was shocked that they didn’t finally build us a little channel to shove the carts into.  I inquired about this today, my first day out to forage in days, at the customer service desk.  She took an annoyed tone with me and said, “That is why we have the boys (whole other issue, no room in tired brain for 2 rants) go out and collect ’em”.  She further enlightened me with the knowledge that it would take up 4 parking spaces so that’s why they didn’t build one.  Really?  Well if we were to take a little stroll through the parking lot, the same one I just had to drive through as if it were an obstacle course, then I’m sure we would count MORE than 4 spaces currently being obscured by stray carts.  I know you are thinking why not just walk the cart back to the store and when I’m alone, I do.  But some people are old, some are lazy and some have small children in tow; and I’ve heard tell of a rare bird that is all three. Not a word out of you or it will be a mitten to the face for you (in my head)!

I won’t even start on why she said they don’t have “car carts”, those cute little ride-in shopping carts for the kiddos.


Ok, read this back and will fully own that I sound like a privileged sh*thead.  Noted.  Off to curl up with my Martha Stewart and gulp ginger ale.

I included a random shopping photo because I am the mom who takes photos of her kids in the grocery store.

As soon as I feel better, I’m gonna change!


8 Responses to “Look at Me When I’m Talking To YOU”

  1. cindy Says:

    your baby is SO darn cute!!!!!!! As for the shopping carts, that sux!

  2. melissa s. Says:

    You are allowed your shopping cart rants if i can complain about our (ex) grocery store that gave free, sugar-laden, meltdown inducing cookies to the kids to ensure pure shopping hell on each trip. VERY annoying. And, if it makes you feel any better, the racecar carts are the biggest pain in the ass to manouver things ever invented.

    Ahh… I certainly feel better! Hope you do soon, too 🙂

  3. Chris Says:

    If I may add to the rant….
    I shop at the same store. And everything T said is TRUE! And, to top it off, they rearranged all the aisles and I STILL don’t know where anything is. Oh, wait, that’s my old-dog brain not learning new tricks.

    Still…. I hope Martha did the trick. And how could grocery-photo shots be bad when C is so darn cute?

  4. Anne Says:

    Please don’t change, I have to hear this and if you have happy rainbow posts every day, it will make me feel bad.

    P.S. that grocery store photo is quite cute!

  5. Complete Stranger Says:

    Next time, find out which car belongs to Customer Service person, and you will know then where to put the cart!! ( Oh, no, that was my evil twin talking, not me!!!)

  6. Alexis Says:

    Sometimes people are just dumb.

    That picture kills me! Overload of cuteness!

  7. Visty Says:

    Please park at the furthest corner of that lot next time and leave your cart there, upside down.

  8. Visty Says:

    And I want to eat your baby.

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