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Play With Your Food January 15, 2009

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I’m feeling sick as a dog today, as I was yesterday.  The grating sound of children’s television motivated me to do a craft project with my little one.  I am proud that one of his growing, but still few, words is sew.

I set up the fabric markers & crayons on the floor of the craft room/office and let him go to town.  He made a banana with eyes and requested I make a “cheese bar”.   I haven’t finished the cheese bar but I have to say I think it’s fetching so far.  Here is a photo of the banana in process.


I also made a lollipop, baked potato and a reversible spaghetti/pizza number.  We just filled them with rice and sewed them up, bean bag stylie.  Easy, durable, not plastic and definitely not DORA the SCREAMAH!

The wee one is giving it all a good wash below.


I have been meaning to brag tell you about a great trash score.  A good friend of mine teaches (very well, I might add) at a public school in a neighboring town.  They got a grant for new play kitchens and I bought a set from her at a very reasonable price.  After hauling these heavy pieces to the car I saw MORE in the trash.  I loaded the car with 3 complete sets (it was all that could fit, it was like a Survivor puzzle challenge).  I went back but the rest had already been picked up by the big green monster.  I have a set in the basement I meant to put on Craigslist before the holidays but never got around to it,  am going to list soon.  I think I will make the money I paid my friend back and maybe a little extra to spend on a mom’s night out!  That money went to a good cause, new books for the classroom.  Why the other teachers didn’t do the same I don’t know.  It would have kept the stuff from the landfill, made the classrooms a little money and the playsets would have gone to good homes!


I still have to scrub some stickers off and fix up a few more handles but these are quality school grade pieces.  Love them, thanks K!

Okay, now I nap.


11 Responses to “Play With Your Food”

  1. cindy Says:

    I love garbage picking so so much! that’s a great find and i hope you are feeling better.

  2. Alexis Says:

    Fantastic play stuff! I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Expat Mom Says:

    Oh, my boys would LOVE a set like that to go with the pots and pans they got for Christmas. Good score! Hope you feel better soon and don`t have to listen to Dora . . . you should try getting him hooked on Hi5, they actually have decent music that doesn`t drive adults crazy.

  4. Lani Says:

    i just found your blog and i am loving it…STUNNING! i am going to add it to my list of favs! i hope that you feel better soon and what an awesome score on the play kitchen…i can’t believe the things that people throw out!

    lani 🙂

  5. Sharon Says:

    I am always puzzled by people who don’t appreciate the good finds. I am so not above digging through the trash either. A friend of mine called yesterday to relate her tragic tale of finding four Danish modern chairs at Goodwill for $3 each – she took them to the lady at the register and had her hold them. When she got back up front 15 minutes later, the lady had sold them to someone else and then claimed to not remember the four large chairs (as in the dead parrot Monty Python sketch, “E’s not dead, e’s just resting!”). I seriously thought about making her an “In Sympathy on your chair loss” card.

  6. Complete Stranger Says:

    Great find again, Missy!! What a cool play area you have got going on. Now, if he could only cook dinner for you when you are sick! Get better soon.

  7. Anne Says:

    I hope you feel better.
    What a nice set, I can’t believe they were going to throw them away.

  8. Visty Says:

    At least you saved three sets. Those are great! People are stupid.

  9. Paige Says:

    Fantastic score! I love those play kitchen pieces…
    Lately we’ve been scoring some good furniture finds in our back alley – loveseat, table for Juliet’s room, bookcase for Charlie, all in great shape. What the hell, I’m not above a little dumpster-diving now and then!

  10. Wow, awesome kitchen sets!

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