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Wrap Up January 14, 2009

The pre-holiday build up and general busyness is such that when it is over, you just want to leave it to rest.  And so I have, but I wanted to wrap up about one last craft, some super gifts and our trip.  So forgive me for dredging it back up, won’t promise to be brief!

An unanticipated benefit to blogging is that my gifts this year were SPOT ON.  My parents are both very generous and thoughtful but some holidays past ( just sometimes Mom!) I have gotten great gifts that would have been just the thing for 10 – 20 years earlier me.  Which makes sense because that was the me they knew best.  Leopard print, I used to love it!  But this year I cleaned up!  My parents, who have been excited about and supportive of my etsy shops, really got into looking for hidden spots to get great vintage finds for me and to map for my future visits.  Cool parents, huh?  One of these “shops”, run out of someone’s garage,  is where my parents got me this little lithographed monkey that I adore. (Do not even try cousin Pat, we’re not telling the secret location!)

dsc_0111 dsc_0109

I love his combination of cheeriness and brokenness!  And I didn’t even take it personally that my mom knew just what kind of bank to get me, one that lets the money flow on through!

And my dad, understanding my penchant for everyday things and pieces connected to my grandparents, gave me a box full of the most glorious clothespins.  They are worn smooth from use by my granny in a different day.  Makes me a little less apt to complain about schlepping the clothes to the basement.




I also got these labels in their original envelop.  I am thinking of framing these.  Just beautiful! I can imagine my granny ordering these and then sewing them onto clothes, afghans and quilts made by her soft hands.  She often told me I should apply lotion more frequently because, “Soccer is going to give you rough hands”!

And my Aunt Donna, who is a super crafter who should crank out her own blog, passed along the COOLEST planters from her collection.  I was so surprised and touched by her gift.  This little chick is my favorite:


Have you ever seen such sass and pep captured in porcelain before?  Ok, coming clean – this is an area of confusion and therefore growth for me, (chant inside my head).  What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic?  I have Googled and yet still it eludes me.  Thanks Aunt Donna for your generous sharing of these vintage gems!

Phew.  I might just do this one in installments.  Yes, I will save the trip and last Chanukah craft for tomorrow.

Upon reflection, is it 12 of me to share my presents?  I feel like the kid zooming her new bike up and down the street Christmas morning, just a ringin’ that bell!


9 Responses to “Wrap Up”

  1. chogirl Says:

    what thoughtful presents. lucky girl. That bird would cheer me up any day. I help a friend with her clothesline at times during coffee visits (perhaps it a bit Tom Sawyer-y upon reflection) and it makes me nostalgic for my mom’s clothespin bag made from ticking and the pins therein (wonder if she still uses it? hmmm) becca

  2. cindy Says:

    Porcelin is more delicate maybe? Dang it I should know this, I took a ceramic class. I LOVE the old lil planters like the one you got. I wonder what plants are best to put in them tho? Esp since they do not have drain hole?

  3. kindred spirit Says:

    So glad thay you liked the Royal Coply items. They are pretty addictive. I will keep an eye out for more to add to your collection. The planter you showed was my favorite too. I have one just like it that is yellow. Grandmother told me that she received a plant in it when I was born…couldn’t part with that one! Cindy…a philodemdrom is what was always in the one that I have…water lightly but often. Right now my chick is in the attic. I think I am going to have to bring her down and put a plant in her so I can enjoy!

  4. Visty Says:

    The difference refers to the firing temperature as well as the make up of the orginal clay.

    Earthenware is the lowest temp, mostly just dirt clay, think terra cotta, most fragile.

    Ceramic is medium, contains other minerals, somewhat durable.

    Porcelain can contain bone dust and sand, is fired at a super high temperature which turns the components to basically glass (called vitrifying) and makes it the most durable.

    By the way, Fiestaware is porcelain, even though it’s thick like ceramic dishes.

  5. Visty Says:

    I done took me a ceramics class in college, I shore did.

  6. So Vis, Is my little planter Ceramic or Porcelain? Does 1 class in collage enable you to tell without touching? 🙂

  7. Crystal Says:

    You lucky dog! They are all great gifts made even better because they were chosen special for you.

    I quite enjoyed your holiday giftie rundown. Ring that bell!

  8. Complete Stranger Says:

    I knew I should have gone with the Zebra stripped throw!!! LOL
    Your blog makes me smile, you crafty woman, you!

  9. Lisa Says:

    Great treasures! Love those old pegs – just gorgeous!

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