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Coming Clean January 9, 2009

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Dear Blog,

You have been such a great companion  to me.  Don’t get that look on your face, this is not a break-up, or even a “break” for that matter.  I just feel like I need to come clean and clue you in that there is someone else in my life.  I younger, faster and sometimes (I’m sorry) more fun version of you.  I have been seeing Face Book for the last month or so.  Okay a few months but it’s gotten more serious in the last month.  Others have tried to hit on me in the past, (I’m talking to you Twitter) but you always came out on top.  But this time I think I’m developing feelings that just aren’t going to go away.  I hope you are up for a poly-amorous relationship because Flickr is knocking on my door and I just might answer that call as well.

Thanks for being so understanding.  I don’t know if I would be in your place.

Yours truly and multipley,


Dear Readers,

And for the record I wasn’t calling folks on FB more fun that YOU.  Not for a second!  Just the venue, the newness and all.  If anyone is on FB and would like to friend me, leave a comment and we’ll work it out in both worlds!

You know I love you best,



8 Responses to “Coming Clean”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Sniff. Sniff.

    I understand though. I, too, am having an affair with Flickr. That Flickr really gets around… naughty naughty Flickr.

  2. Tonya Says:

    Ugh. Facebook is such a time suck. One that I cannot refuse.

  3. Ah, but he time sucks soooooooooo well!

  4. PaMdora Says:

    Yes, I too have been smitten recently by the allures of FB. I had a brief love affair with Flickr last year, and always intend on returning, but there is only so much time in the day (and night, when I’m usually a surfing insomniac.)

    Love your dear blog letter. very clever! look me up on FB!

  5. Alexis Says:

    I’d love to be your Facebook friend–and I promise that my status updates will be amusing, or at least short!

  6. melissa s. Says:

    LOL at the ‘he time sucks so well’ comment. i think we’ve all had a relationship like THAT one!!

    i don’t dare step anywhere near facebook because the allure would be too strong. i’m pretty content in my co-dependent relationship with blog right now, but do sneak around with flickr and twitter (although they’re getting a little high maintenance).

  7. Paige Says:

    I haven’t ever looked at Facebook, and I’m not gonna because Flickr and Ravelry are so close to sucking me in completely…!

  8. Tonya Says:

    sucks so well is right! peeking in the lives of friends from grade school? so fun.
    let’s be facebook friends. i think we need yet another venue for communication.

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