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2nd Generation Blogger January 8, 2009

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My oldest asked me this week if he could start a blog to share some of his Lego creations.  I said sure, figuring it would be a nice way to be in touch with the grandparents and a good way for him to practice language.  He thought it should be named, “Leg-ology” but I imagined creepy people googling his site hoping for gams so I suggest maybe, “Lego-ology” would be a little more exact.  He’s all about the exact.   He wants to take his own photos but I can’t bring myself to let him use my Nikon.  A camera is on the wish-list for his birthday and I like the idea of him being in charge of the visual as well as the text but in the meantime I’m taking the shots with his direction.

Here is his site, Lego-ology, and an excerpt from his last post:




The first thing he wanted people to know last night was, “my    blog will  be closed on holidays.”  So NOTED!

This morning he showed me one of his Lego creations and asked, “Did we blog this yet?” Oh man, I’m in trouble.  I can see the computer slipping through my fingers already.  What’s next, the television remote?

So if you or your kiddos like Legos show her/him my guy’s site.  I’m sure he’d also love to see photos of their lego work as well!


11 Responses to “2nd Generation Blogger”

  1. oh, how great. i can imagine my kids doing the same.

    we’ll head over!

  2. Anne Says:

    We have huge Lego fans in our house. I think this is a great idea and a perfect learning tool.

  3. melissa s. Says:

    this is awesome. i’ll try to get my lego-enthusiast to comment!

  4. Complete Stranger Says:

    love his creations, his stories, and his imagination, and the fact that he takes off on holidays! Smart boy.

  5. molly Says:

    wait until my son sees this – he’ll surely want to add his latest lego creations to his blog.

  6. lexi Says:

    So seriously cute. I am having a cute attack over here.

  7. Sharon Says:

    “Can we blog this?” is exactly why I am not suggesting this to my boys! 🙂 Nice creations, love the bed!

  8. Alexis Says:

    I can’t tell my daughter about this because she will definitely want her own blog and I am so not ready for that!

    Lovely site, that Lego-ology.

  9. Lisa Says:

    So sweet how he wants to be just like mom!

  10. Sarah Says:

    That’s so funny! Is it possible for children to have their own blogs? I wondered about doing a class one with the children I teach-not to put their photos but, like you to put their creations. They would love it I think! Those lego beds are great by the way!

  11. lorrie Says:

    this is geat timing. i was going to start looking for blogs and flickr groups for my son to explore. he loves legos and i will totally tell him about your sons blog. thanks.

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