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First Night of Chanukah December 21, 2008

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Happy Chanukah!

edit:  This shot made it onto Flickr-blog.  What a nice surprise!


8 Responses to “First Night of Chanukah”

  1. Alexis Says:

    Happy Chanukah! Latkes and Doughnuts for everyone!

  2. Chris Says:


  3. Complete Stranger Says:

    Brisket is in the oven as we speak! Happy Chanukah and drive safely. Great photo!

  4. Complete Stranger Says:

    P.S. Just went to the “Flicker” site and saw your whole slide show! What a great honor to have your photography showcased on that site. Congrats!

  5. Paige Says:

    Happy Chanukah! Have a safe trip and a really great holiday.

  6. Visty Says:

    What dictates when Chanukah is?

  7. Anne Says:

    Happy Chanukah!
    I’m not surprised your picture made it to the Flikr blog, it’s lovely.

  8. Estee Says:

    Happy Channukah to you

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