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Alphabet Sunday(ish) :: G December 20, 2008

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Lauren says, G is for Good Morning:


Tracey says, G is for Globes (shot TTV, Through The Viewfinder):



7 Responses to “Alphabet Sunday(ish) :: G”

  1. Complete Stranger Says:

    Lauren, beautiful boy!

  2. Complete Stranger Says:

    Correcting my assumption: Beautiful CHILD!

  3. Chris Says:

    It’s never too early to start coffee and the crossword puzzle! (Just no bananas)

  4. Lauren, It’s cute how O. starts his day with coffee. C. prefers a Bloody Mary and yet still they are friends! I love the good ole USofA!!!!

  5. lauren Says:

    well, i find that he doesn’t have enough energy without his morning coffee… don’t want him to feel sluggish

  6. I wondered where he got his PEP from. Didn’t think it was genetic! I kid, I kid! 🙂

  7. nkp Says:

    What a beautiful kiddo and a gorgeoous photo to boot!

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