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Lower Your Expectations December 2, 2008

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Bleh.  I am sick, will try not to wallow in my self pity for the majority of this post.

As I set this plate in front of my little guy yesterday I thought I should start an experiment, the “Eat What He Eats” project.  Of course I would tinker with the rules so they weren’t retroactive.  I AM NOT eating a cigar.


Do as I say boys, not as I do!

And because I feel compelled, the table top is the wonderful faux bois tin table top I got at Brimmfield.  Are you like that?  Do you feel compelled to tell the story of every item in your house or that your kids wear?  Especially if it was procured in a thrifty fashion?! I actually have a voice in my head (doesn’t suffer from lack of company, btw) that tries to remind me not to add, “Oh I got it at the thrift shop!” to the end of every sentence.  Not because I am embarrassed.  Nay, I thrift proudly.  But because nobody cares like I do.  I can’t help it though.  That’s just what a compulsion is I suppose.


And if you are wondering why there is photo of my computer screen on my blog it is because I crave to show you (hello Cindy) how clean my desktop is, well my virtual desktop anyhow.  We had friends over a few weeks ago and I did the “oh crap, they are coming in 15 minutes” clean up thing and was rather pleased with the illusion results.  But then sometime during conversation my friend says, “You take the prize for messiest computer ever.”  or something like that.  Yikes.  So I didn’t tuck away my dysfunction quite as well as I thought.

So last night I organized my virtual house.  The house I spend the most time in these days (I’m talking to you Etsy, Flickr, Facebook, Picnik, this blog, and the 5 real estate sites I follow).

It’s a start.

edit: I am so used to those bagels, a favorite among the guys in this family, that I didn’t think about it. But now that you mention it the bagel does fall somewhere on the turd spectrum.  But don’t fear, it’s just good old pumpernickel or pumperpickle as my 6 year old used to say.  He would always ask for “pumperpickle olie”, translation pumpernickel bagel with olive pimento cream cheese.  My guys are not afraid of flavor.


9 Responses to “Lower Your Expectations”

  1. Paige Says:

    I am trying desperately to eat as I instruct, er, encourage my children to eat. It’s not easy to give up a serious Slim Jim addiction, though. And Pull-n-Peel licorice. Anyhoo, hope you feel better!

  2. Leigh Says:

    I always tell people where I got things, or how much I paid, or if I made it or recrafted it… I’ve really tried to do the same thing – filter what I say. If it’s someone who does the same thing, I’ll say what I want – if it’s someone who could care less, I try to bite my tongue. It’s so hard though! because it’s something I”m proud of, too, and something that helps make me who I am…

    You can always tell me about your thrifty finds! 😉

  3. lauren Says:

    I am constantly trying to get my O to eat the wonderful goodness that exists beyond his small list of acceptable meals- and I envy you with your “try anything” boys (admittedly, a cigar is a bit too far). Congrats on the house cleaning, always satisfying, especially when it doesn’t involve a vaccuum.

  4. melissa s. Says:

    if you added the thrift store bit into a (real life) conversation with me, i’d squeal right along with you! that meal looks yummy although i have to say, that dark bagel-y looking thing freaked me out at first.

  5. Lisa Says:

    Hope your are feeling better soon ! Kids meals are always so colourful and good for grazing on. Please keep showing your thrift shop finds – we love to hear all about it! You always find the most amazing stuff!

  6. Complete Stranger Says:

    At first, I thought you HAD found the cigar in the park again! But now knowing that it is just a pumperpickle ollie, the plate looks good and healthy. Kindred Spirit is here with me and will read your blog tomorrow! Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Visty Says:

    I really need to eat like that. Every day. It looks yummy!

  8. Sharon Says:

    I wish there were more people around me like you – I am always blurting out things like “Thanks! It was $2 at Goodwill!!!” and then watching people’s eyes glaze over. There are a few who care about thrift shop finds like me, but not very many. I wish I could get a job being a personal thrift shopper, problem is, my target market is also shopping at the thrift store…

  9. Sharon Says:

    P.S. I can tell you – I found a Lifetouch leather Massage chair (you know, with the internal rollers and remote control) at Salvation Army on Thursday – originally $1k, I got it for $75. It works perfectly – woohoo!!!!I have always wanted one. It feels very decadent to go sit in my chair and get a massage.

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