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Science Museum & Through the Viewfinder November 27, 2008

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I will share with you, but only you, the trick of getting the Museum of Science in Cambridge all to your self.  Go first thing on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  It was lovely.


I’ve got my Alphabet Sunday shot all cued up and ready to roll.  D will be for the Science Museum this week.  Don’t worry I used to teach kids to read, you are in the hands of a licensed professional.


Something I am really really excited about is this Flickr group. The TtV or Through the Viewfinder shots are so inspirational.

Today at my father-in-laws place I borrowed his Minolta Autocord dsc_0112 and fashioned a sleeve from a cracker box and took some shots off his balcony.  His camera was busted and couldn’t be focused but I was giddy to be taking the shots up there on the scary high balcony.  I took the shots with my Nikon through the box and ultimately through the viewfinder of his old camera.  Check out the Flickr group and see some of the elaborate contraptions that folks have made.

I am feeling an awakening of creativity lately, more like a redefinition of what craft is. I haven’t sewed much, made a collage or crocheted something but I have been taking photographs and it makes me feel so connected to others and then back to myself somehow.  And then there is thrift.  I told my husband the other day that thrifting was my craft and we laughed but now I think maybe it’s true.  I feel like I’m exercising my creativity when I see something in a thrift store and think of a new use for it or know that it would sell and that someone else, somewhere, will treasure it.

Ok, is it the turkey overload or maybe the wine?  I don’t know but I’m getting weepy tender feelings about thrifting and/or TTV photography.  I guess I am grateful for new things.  For learning something today I did not know yesterday. I am thankful that we have the option to not be stagnant.

Here is my first TtV shot:


Slightly different perspective.


Another one from today.


This wispy hair in this one brings me back to being weepy.  If I am this reflective and weepy on Thanksgiving, what in the heck am I going to be like on New Years for sh#t sake?!!!


5 Responses to “Science Museum & Through the Viewfinder”

  1. Complete Stranger Says:

    I am admiring the creativity of your ttv techniques. I can only imagine the possibilities that your own creativity will bring to this new adventure in photography. You know that I am already a huge fan.

    • Amelia Says:

      I feel so much happier now I unetdsrand all this. Thanks!

    • Ai luat în considerare posibilitatea să fie o rămășiță a infrastructurii fostei reÈ›ele pe care a cumpărat-o RDS? Că dacă nu stai pe Iuliu Maniu sunt È™anse mari să nu fi fost de la început RDS acolo. Sau vreo problemă cu ruterul tău de-acasă. De exemplu eu nu testez la ai mei viteza, pentru că È™tiu din start că voi fi limitat la 20Mbps de ruter.

  2. cindy Says:

    thanks for your nice comments! yours are waaay cooler tho! that’s such a great idea and it makes you feel as i was there taking the photos. cool shots!

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