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Celebrate the Turkeys November 24, 2008

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But who is the Turkey?


I saw this turkey craft at Bella Dia and immediately envisioned it on the Thanksgiving table.  What cuteness, what family goodness, what bragging rights…what a mess!

I invited a friend and her son over for dinner and to get in on the crafty fun.  We talked up the project to the kids, traced their hands and I want to type that we had a loving conversation about all we were grateful for while humming kumbaya but it very quickly turned into a grumpfest of epic proportions.  The kids were running around banging objects with vigor and warning bells went off in our heads fairly early that this was not going to be the simple craft we originally thought.

Their hands were at once so pudgy and so small.  We traced and my friend started sewing the little hands, like sides together, while I worked on cutting life sized turkey feathers out of the felt.  An aside, did you know you can get eco-fi felt made from post-consumer plastic bottles?  Messed up crafts for the Earth!

Here is the first frog turkey:


So this one was abandoned and we moved on to plan B, sewing but not turning the turkeys inside out.  But imagine in the meantime kids doing kid stuff (pandemonium) + craft-frustrated moms with short tempers.  I’m just thankful it’s over.

The potato bar helped sooth all frayed nerves.  That’s right, dinner at my house is first class all the way. Butter AND sour cream baby.

We went with bigger hands and managed to construct the wonkiest birds this side of Thanksgiving.

And for comedic value here is a comparative between the talented Miss Dia’s Turkey and ours:

belladiaturkeysoftie-1 dsc_0053

Yeah.  They can’t all be beauties.


Happy Thanksgiving friends!

Keep on Truckin’ Turkin’ ,



8 Responses to “Celebrate the Turkeys”

  1. Kindred Spirit Says:

    I’m LMAO….Oh clever one!

  2. melissa s. Says:

    come on…your turkeys are adorable.

    “Their hands were at once so pudgy and so small”
    Now THIS I’d like to see as the beginnings of a modern day “The Night Before Christmas…Crafty Style”

  3. Paige Says:

    I’m still laughing over here…sorry. It’s funny because I have, er, had, these little turks on the docket for tomorrow’s craft, but I’ll rethink those plans now. I hadn’t thought about trying to sew all those small curves and stuff. Sounds like a recipe for foul-mouthed mania! Oh god, I can’t stop giggling….

  4. lauren Says:

    When I woke this morning my turkey was looking a little cuter, but also a little lonely (Don’t worry, I’m no sadist, it’s bound to be the 3-D hand turkey at my house). I’d like to add the little bit when you and I became fun-demandingers… “this is FUN! we are having FUN! no you can’t HELP!” Thankfully we had potato-bar to make it all better. There’s nothing a little caramelized onion and chicken sausage filled potato can’t fix.

  5. lexi Says:

    Hee hee – not only am I giggling, but so is my husband. But I do love yours. We both agree (because our opinions are so important) that yours look more bird-like. I love them. Cute.

  6. Complete Stranger Says:

    Well, her turkey looks like one you would find on display on a crafty blog, however; yours look
    like real turkeys the day before Thanksgiving…frayed around the edges, bugged-eyed, and wishing they were turtles!!! Still having a chuckle over your “fun-filled” activity night!

  7. Visty Says:

    Thank you for that! I am going to miss you while I’m away for Thanksgiving.

    Your turkeys look a lot more realistic. Turkeys are damn ugly critters. And they’ll peck your eyes out.

  8. LMSO! aren’t they SOO hard? Good things those pudgy little fingers are so cute otherwise!

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