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Fill ‘er Up November 17, 2008

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My brain is everywhere at once and no one place with success.  I think it’s because I let my monthly calendar lapse and am now trying to hold everything in my head.  All appointments, playdates, soccer practices, teacher conferences, etc.  It is not working for me.

Here was my brilliant idea.  A while ago I bought one of those dry erase calendars from Staples.  One of the HUGE ones.  It’s just a grid and you fill in the information yourself (this will be important later).   I figured it would save money as I’d “never have to buy another calendar again”!  And good for the earth to boot.  It was good for a spell but then I fell behind and then, well:


See those months there?  Let’s just say it’s less than current.  We’ve patched things in here and there and I have used other methods, like scribbling on scraps of paper!  I am trying to back peddle and make it not so bad but I can’t.  It’s bad.

All this sharing of my calendar failure was supposed to lead up to my filling the car up with gas story which showcases my current state but now just feels like I flashed a boob or something.  Whatever.

I am slightly phobic about filling up the car.  Luckily Massachusetts is mostly a gas station attendant kind of state.  Usually my husband deals with filling up the car (how very stereotypical of us).  Today I was feeling brave, and running on empty, so I pulled in to the station.  The WRONG way.  Had to get out to check which side the tank was on.  It’s funny because I always remind my husband which side it’s on when he’s pulling in to the station but I panicked or something. Instead of tearing out of there, I turned around to deal.  I was proud of myself until the guy I thought was pumping gas into my car said he was waiting for me to release the lever for the tank.  Uhhhhh.  “Do you know where it is?”  He just looked at me funny.  I wanted to shout, “I have a Masters degree.   I have trekked in the jungles of Thailand and done many daring things by myself!  Please don’t judge me.” Then I just accepted that this man was now and forever going to think me a weak dingbat and so I asked him for directions.  He spoke slowly for me.  He did everything but pat my hand and say, “bless your little heart”.  I had to laugh as I pulled out of there with a full tank and the directions being yet another thing filling my head.

I think this lack of calendaring is one of the ways I don’t take care of myself.  So in addition to my newly implemented earlier bed time (which is slowly increasing my brain power), I am going to update the calendar and write all the things down that are sliding around my brain. Tonight, after packing up some Etsy sales, I am going to write lists.  Lists of things to do around the house, a list of folks to call to make and or confirm appointments for us all, a list of stuff to donate, give away, store and sell, and maybe if it’s not bedtime by then, I’ll write a little list of my hopes and dreams!

I welcome any and all suggestions for how you keep your family or personal information stored.  Do you use a program on your computer?  A hand held device?  Old school calendar you’d like to reccommend?  Write it on handmade paper using a pencil you crafted from spit and crushed rock?  Help a blogger out.


9 Responses to “Fill ‘er Up”

  1. PaMdora Says:

    I’m having same problem. After years of using a Franklin Covey calendar, I went to free fall, just using 3×5 index cards. but lately the projects have been stacking up, so today I went back to trying to use OmniFocus, a program I used a year ago for a while. If you use a Mac, you might check it out. They have videos on their website to demo.

  2. Anne Says:

    I have little scraps of paper and a calendar that looks like yours. I did see these organizer books that say “do, call, and something else” ugh, my mind is gone! If I remember the name of this I will let you know, it starts with a W?

  3. melissa s. Says:

    wish i had the magic answer but sadly, i have about 10 different ‘systems’ going right now and need lists just to keep track of said systems. ugh. what we need are minions. tons of em to keep track of the minutia that plagues our brains.

  4. Expat Mom Says:

    Um. I can`t help. I rely on my rather foggy brain for most things. Some information is on the computer. Some is in one of my two dozen or so notebooks where I scribble my ideas and inspirations and promptly lose them . . .

    I do make lists. Lots and lots and lots of lists. But of course, I never actually do them. There is something about making a list at midnight that makes you think you`ll suddenly have super powers the next morning . . . I always end up with a list that looks like it could be for the coming year!

  5. Lisa Says:

    I am a list person! I am organised at work with a diary but sadly not so organised at home. I am now waiting till 2009 to start a new system.

  6. lauren Says:

    after once living with the same calendar for 2 1/2 years (at least for 1 year it was current) it only led to one major error, a Dr. appointment that I was one year late for. I now have a calendar for decoration in my kitchen (thanks to a friend who was flabergasted by my previous calendar system) and use the google calendar that comes with my g-mail. It is really good. try it you will see.

  7. lauren Says:

    Oh and on the topic of gas stations… I once pulled in on the wrong side, in a car that I had owned for a really long time. My attempt to fix the mistake led to a 33 point turn that somehow landed me on the OTHER side of the gas pump yet STILL with the wrong side facing the pump. The guys inside who were watching actually slapped eachother on the back in laughter. It was like they were watching America’s Funniest Home Video LIVE. The brave one that finally came out said, “you know, the hose can reach to the other side, for next time.” For real, he said that. And this was pre-baby.

  8. Kathy Says:

    Can’t be of any help with a calendar system, since R still has to remind me to turn the page whenever a new month begins, but I will gently remind you that you have a scheduled date tomorrow around 3:30ish : ) Also, check your gas gauge, there’s usually a small triangle type arrow pointing to whichever side the gas tank is on… have to look at it every time before I pull in to the pump!

  9. Tonya Says:

    Yup, I second the whole gas triangle thing. My husband had to show it to me, though, after roughly four years of owning the car. Before that I relied on remembering where he’d stand outside when filling up the car. Left or right? Seriously.
    As for the calendars… ugh, doesn’t it say a lot about us that we’re so lost without these systems? I long for a simpler time, but until then, I’ll continue with my kitchen calendar and my lists that stay on the fridge.

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