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Last Day of Book Week November 15, 2008

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Thanks again Anne for organizing Book Week.  I have enjoyed sharing some of my favorites and adding to my list of must reads from your site and the other players!

My last book I’m sharing is Ooh-la-la, Max in Love by Maira Kalman.  Really it’s a Maira Kalman love-fest and I recommend any and all of her work.  She is the author & illustrator of many children’s books.  My favorite is actually Max Makes a Million, but I couldn’t find it.  Oh-la-la is the sequel.

max-in-love-cover max-in-love-1_0001

max-in-love-21 max-in-love-3


She is also an designer and an all around kick ass artist.  Check out her webpage and watch The Elements of Style short movie.

I wish I were as cool as Maira Kalman!



5 Responses to “Last Day of Book Week”

  1. Jennifer H. Says:

    we are huge fans of Maira around here. Chicken Soup Boots and See the Pyramids, Willie are among our favorites!

  2. Complete Stranger Says:

    Oh, but you are!

  3. Anne Says:

    We have similar tastes in books! Thanks for playing along. I am behind on visiting blogs this week, so I hope to catch up.

  4. Lauren T. Says:

    I have been following Maira Kalman’s career for almost 20 years! I’m 27 now, I got Max Makes a Million when I was 7 years old and instantly fell in love. My two year old adores the entire series. I highly recommend getting the Max Deluxe, a book that incorporates three of the four Max stories. You won’t regret it!

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