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Book Week:: Day 4ish November 14, 2008

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I just sorted through the boys books, pulling out a big box to donate to my son’s school.  In the process I came across this book I want to share.  It’s The Wonderful Towers of Watts by Patricia Zelver pictures by Frane Lessac.


It’s the true story of Sabato “Sam” Rodia and his
amazing sculptures/towers made over the course of 33 years using found & repurposed  materials.  I’ve never seen the actual Watts Towers but hope to one day.


The illustrations are done in a folksy way that works well with the subject.


I’m guessing he didn’t care much what other thought of him.


When I taught first grade I read this to the class and it often inspired the kids to do amazing mosaic sculptures of their own.  There are many good lessons to take from this book, read it to your kids and see where it takes you!


4 Responses to “Book Week:: Day 4ish”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Wow. Those are amazing works of art. I’m going to send my friend in LA out to see them pronto.
    How nice to hear that the book inspired little minds.

  2. Complete Stranger Says:

    Hope you make the trip to see the artist’s work one day. Amazing book. I imagine a certain teacher inspired as much as the book in her students sculptures.

  3. melissa s. Says:

    oh wow, so cool. will definitely check out the book!

  4. Frane Lessac Says:

    Hi- I’m the illustrator of this book and wanted to thank you for bringing my book to life on your Blog. All the best!
    Frané Lessac

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