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Book Week :: Day One November 11, 2008

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Anne from Green Jello has planned my blog this week and I’m ever so thankful.  It is Book Week on her blog.  Check out GJ for a list of other bloggers playing along and to get some tips on good Children’s books.

Here is a book from my childhood.  I love the illustrations.  My aunt Donna gave me this book, so says the inscription!  Thanks Kindred.





I also have some thank yous to catch up on.  First I need to thank Paige from Funny Magic for sending me the most delicious box of homemade cookies.  The reason I do not have a photo is NOT because I ate them all too quickly.  By myself.  It just isn’t.  Moving along.  Thanks to my pretend childhood friend, you rock and happy 38th!

I also owe a thank you to Anne from Book Week fame at Green Jello for sending me my very own Mold-O-Rama lion.  I think this is a regional thing.  I had never heard of Mold-O-Ramas before Wonderfalls (why they canceled that I do not know, I thought it had legs!).  Then Anne featured one on her blog and I commented on it.   I can’t actually remember.  I think I may have kind of asked for one.  But in a classy, non-tacky way.  Here is my little molded plastic cutie, I love him.  Thank you!



7 Responses to “Book Week :: Day One”

  1. Vonda Says:

    My all time favorite book from childhood is “Pierre” by Maurice Sendak. I must have checked that book out of the library a million times. Think about that for a sec and what that might say about the development of my personality – that is if you know the story!

  2. melissa s. Says:

    so hmmm, what you’re saying is – if i request something ever so kindly via a blog post comment that it may actually materialize? like say, a rootbeer float? i like that logic.

    LOVE your book, especially that last bit of forced rhyme sequence!

  3. Kindred Spirit Says:

    Hmmm…I have no recollection of giving that book to you, but if it has my sentiments to you on the cover, it must be so! Glad it was one of your favorites.

  4. Complete Stranger Says:

    Remember “Mulberry Street”…and you LIVED on Mulberry Street!

  5. Anne Says:

    I’m going to try and find this book because of the owl in the cage – how cute is that. I’m glad the lion made it there and is sleeping soundly.

  6. marjorie Says:

    I love children’s books that rhyme. Is that weird? Anyways, thanks for sharing this one 🙂

  7. Paige Says:

    So glad you liked the cookies! And regarding the Mold-O-Rama, we have a few of these at one of our local zoos – my son has the polar bear, ape, and sea lion. I’m gonna have one made just for you next time we go! (That’s what old childhood friends for, right??)

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