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Pretending This is Mine November 7, 2008

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I took some shots last craft night of Lauren and Kate’s place.  They both have supreme taste and whenever I am there I move them out in my mind and move my family in.  I usually end up keeping most of their belongings, I just merge them with my favorite pieces and it’s a comfortable place to reside.  They probably think I am listening to them but really I am just evicting them in my brain.  I am also evicting their crazy, smoking, mice loving downstairs neighbors as well.  Does anyone else do this or is this a(nother) case of oversharing?  Love you K & L (even more than your stuff)!


Doesn’t that ring make you jealous?  Kate picked up the WineMan during our trip to Brimfield.  He was a bargain, he’s handsomely moustached and he does his job well!

I love the paper tablecloth under our spread.  In addition to crafting we did some consuming.



Lauren’s Egyptian nesting dolls that might “disappear” one day.


This chair is my favorite in my favorite room (and not just because the huge ass t.v. is in there).


See Greg’s hand.  He’s funny.  He was going to stick his foot in the shot but it was too sore from kicking Hannah’s craft tackle box.


Check out the Pachinko game in the corner. Too cool.

kates-bed kates-nightstand

The most amazing jewelry rests here!


Crocheted Kewpie doll.  Lauren and I are starting a little Sunday something for the blog.  T.B.A.!


I should note these were both taken at the END of the night.  I LOVE craft night SO MUCH.  Love ya ladies!


This is Cindy regrouping.  She had a tangle with the sewing machine and it looked like the machine was going to come out on top but she has tenacity this woman!  And her son has a kickin’ pair of orange pants hand made by mama to prove it!

And I almost forgot about the doll set that belonged to Kate’s grandmother that she beautifully displayed in the dining room built-in.


I had my typical response.  I stood there calculating how much I could sell them for on Etsy.  Etsy filter in full effect.


11 Responses to “Pretending This is Mine”

  1. Tonya Says:

    I do this all the time with houses I love! Move out my friends, move us in. And if they’re moving out, they probably won’t need most of their stuff anyway. Might as well just keep it right there for us to enjoy.
    Craft night looks like good fun.

  2. PaMdora Says:

    wow, see why you like them. Love that lampshade. I do a variation of this, whenever I go to someone’s house or an old building, I plan where I’m going to put the studio. Always rearranging the furniture in my mind, knocking out a wall, or putting up new shelves, all to make the best artistic workspace I can imagine. I thought it was a queer obsession, but glad to hear I’m not the only one who play mind games.

  3. lauren Says:

    oh that place is GREAT! I want to live there… whoever those gals are they have such taste… which must make them really cool people- fun, engaging, crafty- aaahhh….
    Thanks for reminding me that I love my house too… seeing it through your lens is pretty cool. I love that you picked my egyptian nesting dolls to feature, they are dear to my heart. My dad got them for me at the MFA when King Tut paid a visit and I was in the 5th grade. I don’t have much saved from my childhood, somehow they always seemed to make the move. (I DARE you to steal them NOW!)

  4. Complete Stranger Says:

    What a great group of crafty women! Isn’t it wonderful when a group just clicks! Your friend’s house is fab, and I loved her lamp in the bedroom. And yes, I can see you living there! Shall I send over the Poor Boy’s Moving Company? The game I like to play in my mind, is going into completely empty places, and imagining where I would put stuff.

  5. Kindred Spirit Says:

    I loved the pics. One of my favorite things is the light fixture in the living room. Was that a lamp shade attached to the light or an actual light fixtue. Way cool. Fun, food and fellowship, doesn’t get any better than that!

  6. Paige Says:

    Oh, that looks and sounds like such a fun time – good taste, indeed!

  7. lauren Says:

    The overhead light fixture is a paper umbrella- sans handle.

  8. Kate Says:

    Ditto to what Lauren said. I am always evicting people in my head from other places ’cause I so super-jealous, and seeing the pics of our place online helps me to realize that our place really does look beautiful. After many years of “theme decorating” (matching colors & furniture) I have finally realized that the best result is to love each individual item & in the end you will love the space. The verdict is still out on my Nano’s creepy dolls….I am still convinced they are going to crawl out of the hutch one night and try to kill me “Gulliver-Travels style”!

  9. Cindy Says:

    I’ll admit that I jealously laid out the details of Lauren and Kate’s apartment to LaTayna when I arrived home from crafting. Such envy!

  10. love their place and that wine opener rocks so hard!

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