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I Want to Be THIS GUY for Halloween October 29, 2008

Filed under: Random Bits — twlowenstein @ 12:52 pm

Please watch in it’s entirety for maximum guffaws!  And do not fret, this is a peen-free post!

Thanks to my brother for forwarding me this link!


6 Responses to “I Want to Be THIS GUY for Halloween”

  1. Complete Stranger Says:

    And one day HE will be governor of California!
    Did I say OMG???

  2. Kindred Spirit Says:

    Steroids gone wild! I’m diggin it!

  3. Sluggerville Says:

    tracey forwarded? Dont you mean that he SENT you a link to his most recent bodybuilding video of HIMSELF?

  4. lexi Says:

    My irises and pupils, corneas, retina, the works – seared.

  5. Paige Says:

    I’m seriously disappointed that it’s a peen-free vid. Kidding! But oh my word. Crackers, just crackers!

  6. Chris Says:


    I MUST have the link.
    To send to MY brother, of course! 😀

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