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My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard… October 27, 2008

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A little vintage Halloween for you:

Can you find me?  Hint – I’m not the sassy kid winking in the front row.

I got nothing else since I’m working hard to make our place look effortlessly messy for our neighborhood Halloween party on Friday.

But I did find this on Youtube.  I chuckled and cringed, maybe you will too.  Click on it even though it looks boring as all get out.  It’s free, it’s funny, why not?


7 Responses to “My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard…”

  1. tonya Says:

    Oh my god. Was that the year everyone’s mom made them a clown costume for Halloween? I totally recognize those big frilly neck pieces. And I think my mom still has ours in a box somewhere.

  2. lauren Says:

    that sassy winking kid in the front row, dressed as Dracula, looks quite a bit like a little boy I know who will also be dressing as a vampire! I can’t stop looking at the TV… why don’t they have TV/tables anymore? Maybe 300 pounds is too heavy for a TV.

  3. Paige Says:

    You’re hosting a NEIGHBORHOOD Halloween party? Cool! And I’m guessing you’re the one with the bouffant hairdo and bikini top…?

  4. Anne Says:

    Is that Sarah Palin?

  5. melissa s. Says:

    i’m guessing you’re the hula girl with the flame baton and bouffant hairdo (a DANGEROUS combination!) and sorry, could only make it through half of the utube. my eyes started hurting from all the cringing 😉

  6. Complete Stranger Says:

    Too cool to hula!!!

  7. Complete Stranger Says:

    Funniest damn video…lalalala!!!

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