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Honk Fest… October 12, 2008

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where panache, drumming and jazz hands collide!

HonkFest is part street festival, part band geek comeuppance, and a full out celebration of sound.  The festival is made up of modern day street bands from around the world.   If you can bounce your butt to a HonkFest you SHOULD!  Bring the kids!  Everyone waves their freak flags high, in the best possible way.

And if I may be so bossy – click on the Hungry March Band clip and listen to the music as you read (or skim, I know who YOU are) this post.  If you can’t do both at once, like hula hoop and play the saxaphone, then just click on the youtube video and listen to that.  This post BEGS for a soundtrack.

Music below:

Hungry March Band Juju

Here is what it says on the sleeve of the HONK! Live at the Dilboy cd we bought there:

This is fair warning.  Honk bands are on the march, and we’re getting louder every day.  We are geeks and geezers, doctors and bike messengers, rank amateurs and seasoned professionals.  We are acoustic and mobile, and the streets are our stage, as we follow in the footsteps of musical  liberation encompassing the entire post-colonial world; New Orleans second line jazz bands, European klezmer, Balkan and gypsy music, Inidan wedding bands, Brazilian samba bands, Afrobeat and highlife bans, American folk, funk and hip hop traditions, as well as the passion and spirit of Mardi Gras and Carnival.  Lkke all those who turn swords into sousaphones, we aspire to breach all boundaries: between musical genres, between classes and cultures, between performer and audience.

Sounds about right.

We had a great day, listening to music – playing music, meeting friends (oh so late and so sorry!), running into friends (yeahhhh!), and meeting new friends!  It’s hard to write about this in silence.  The beat that makes you move your body no matter how shy you are is missing.  Here are a couple links so you can groove to the carny vibe your own self.

My favorite is The Hungry March Band out of NYC.

This is a clip from a documentary about HonkFest called Honk You Very Much  ***Warning – picks up once guy in the beginning does his thing, don’t bail too early.  And gorilla in the end drops some choice 4 letter bombs so if the kids are around mute the gorilla!***

Sometimes my heart aches thinking about a time when (perhaps) my sons won’t feel comfortable busting some serious moves on the street, to participate in something with abandon, but HonkFest is such a clear reminder that even if they do “go underground” for a while, it can come back.

Here are my guys enjoying the day:

I love these shots.  Can you tell?  The cheesy chip fingers and mouth, the drum style, the fact that I caught the moment just before he gave the upper bongo a huge bap and bonked himself with the whole kit.  My issue with repetitive sound and low threshold for noise in general be damned, my boys are drummers.

More from the mayhem below.

Check out the photographer with the uni-pod (?) and leg up on the crowd!  I’d love to see some of his shots.

And the woman with the pink bandanna is rocking the hair I secretly covet.  I didn’t get a shot from the front but I assure you, she has NO wisps!!!

And lastly, this guy looked like a HONK casualty. Death by HONK!

And lastly for real, we capped off the event with a visit to Kick Ass Cupcakes.  Points for best store name and great cupcakes.  I’ll take a few points away for price but yesterday I was not complaining!

They even have a vegan option which worked for my eldest!  I got a chai spiced caramel cupcake that was o so good.

Drums and cupcakes = day well spent.

Hope you had a honkin’ weekend too!


9 Responses to “Honk Fest…”

  1. melissa s. Says:

    looks like such a fun day. i hope honk fest comes here, b/c pdx welcomes all honkers!!

  2. Complete Stranger Says:

    The Honk music was rockin’! Loved it…great to listen to it as I looked at your fab photos! Two cute little honkers were having a great time! Wish I could have honked with you!!! What a cool concept and how great that you went family honkin’! Will try to arrange a trip to concide with said honkers next year.

  3. Visty Says:

    I read the title as Honky Fest, which I suppose can also be applicable. That sounds like an awesome day! Love your bongo boy pictures.

  4. Anne Says:

    After reading this I feel like I live in the most boring town – HonkFests and kick ass cupcakes!

  5. marjorie Says:

    Yes, it’s fun to live vicariously! Looks like fun 🙂 I love to see what’s happening around the world and the country via other people’s blogs.

  6. cindy Says:

    ooh this does look fun! I love stuff like this. AZ is seriously lacking!

  7. was the “what cheer? brigade” there? They are awesome!

  8. Tracey Says:

    That looks like a great time! Awesome photos too. Why doesn’t Colorado have a HonkFest?

  9. prairie daze Says:

    okay, glad to have found you!

    this looks like a BLAST.

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