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The Changling October 10, 2008

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We, the parents, fought it.  But this year we, the parents, are giving up and giving in to the ghoulish side of Halloween that has so piqued the interest of my 6 year old (with a trickle down effect to the little guy – much like the blood from the corner of a vampire’s mouth.  Waaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaa).

I try and celebrate holidays with homemade decorations but it’s getting a little harder each year.  As long as there is still some crafting and creating happening I’m okay with it.  To tell you the truth, I am not prepared to commit to the money or time it would take to craft some homemade headstones plus, I think I’d be a little squicked out with it.  So we now have store bought grave “stones” in our side yard.  Tip – I bought them the day AFTER Halloween, when they are practically giving them away, and then the “Switch Witch” traded them for the bulk of the candy collected.  Easy way to get rid of candies that may contain allergens and it’s healthier for the kiddos, not necessarily for the Switch Witch though.

My eldest mapped out the layout and excitedly arranged the spooky display.

The wind is not the friend of these Styrofoam markers!

And here is the most terrifying of all – we got a baby sleeper/skeleton costume at the thrift store last year in preparation for a true SCARE CROW or as I like to call it, a Scare Mom.  Every time I leave the house I jump.  I made it small as to not scare you. I changed my mind.

Edit – We added the bouncy eyeballs from Target into the eye sockets of the mask.  I didn’t think it could get any scarier.

We stuffed this guy with newspaper, slapped a dollar mask on him and shoved him into the bush in front of the house.  I remember being pissed at folks with this kind of decoration when my big guy was a little, easily scared, guy.  Sorry to all the moms who will walk by, clicking their tongues, skipping our house on Halloween night!  Your little darlings too will grow up and become interested in things like Zombies, swords, poo and the like.  Just wait.

My still a little guy added this touch to the display:

And lastly (for now) my youngest and I put together this Potato Head pumpkin from a kit my husband bought.  Homemade?  Nope.  Something my son excitedly taps every time he walks by it, yup.  (So am I a little defensive, maybe!)  Isn’t it funny how those who lean toward crafty feel like we have to go above and beyond and do it all with this kind of stuff?  I am not alone with this affliction, right?  I know it’s much more palatable to just present one’s stuff and not make excuses but I’m leaving in this little conversation with myself because maybe someone will relate!

We have yet to add the spider web, giant spider and bat my mom sent the boys.  Stay tuned, if you dare!


17 Responses to “The Changling”

  1. Kathy Says:

    And I quote from E, “Oh my god! Tracey is so good… at ahhh decorating stuff. She just likes to make and create. She’s just so good.” I’m trying to to hear that as, “Mom, why can’t you be more like Tracey?”

  2. Kathy Says:

    Meant to say, “I’m trying NOT to hear that as…”

  3. melissa s. Says:

    i hate to burst your bubble, but you are crafty. i know you fight it but it shows in your jars full of eyeballs and little foot-y pajama’d scarey guys popping out of your yard…those take talent. sorry, but you’re cool.
    have a good weekend!

  4. Paige Says:

    I love that your oldest got to arrange the very spooky display – tell him I said it’s awesome! And I love the very spooky little duckie, too. 🙂 I use our front porch for creating a creepy display because if I put stuff out on our front lawn I’m 99% sure it would all be stolen by months end…sad, but true. Where am I going with this? Oh yeah, and not one thing in my box of Halloween decorations was handmade, so I’m feeling your crafty pain. And then I squash it! Hugs, and have a good weekend!

  5. lexi Says:

    I agree – sometimes you’ve got to let go of these things and be content that you’re just being involved.

    My favourite is the ducky. Hands down!

  6. Complete Stranger Says:

    The duck is just the most goulish! Letting the young ones make the design for the yard and put it all in place is so cool. I know that they will enjoy every day leading up to Halloween as they walk through their created maze of creatures, even Mr, Potato Head Pumpkin! Boo to you all.

  7. lauren Says:

    skeleton flamingos?! skeletal flamingos?! I LOVE THEM.

  8. kindred spirit Says:

    I thought the tombstones looked like they had toppled over with time! I am in High Point this week with Jess’ little ones. There is one yard that I so wish I had my camera to take a pictures for you. Your big guy would love it…and I don’t believe a piece of it was homemade! Happy Haunting!

  9. kindred spirit Says:

    You might try attaching the tombstones to tent stakes…

  10. Chris Says:

    The barbed-wired adds an especially homey touch. 🙂

  11. Chris Says:

    As a mom who had to avoid an ENTIRE BLOCK (think Santa with an ax in his head and lots of blood), when her kids were little, I get it about the weird stuff. Yours is fabulous, though, and not too “off.”

    Gimme Mr Pumpkin Head any day. (I wonder if Ms Pumpkin Head would be a certain, Alaskan, politico?)

  12. I definitely get defensive about things not being all homemade or even original ideas too. Why do we do that to ourselves? It’s such a “martha” syndrome.

    Of course my daughter’s favorite costume is not one of the extremely labor intensive ones I made, but a cheap, old, ripped, very polyester, cheesy cinderella. I could spend hundreds or dollars making her a “couture” replacement and she wouldn’t wear it.

    I just really love the freedom you give your boys to be creative themselves…

  13. Visty Says:

    It’s all good, it’s all good. The kids will thank you for allowing them to put those things in the yard, just for them. And that is one shifty duck, watch out for him.

  14. Tonya Says:

    You know… I think the wind adds a touch of realism to the scene. What old cemetery has gravestones that all stand at attention? Not one!
    And the duck? Well… what cemetery would be complete without a duck you’re afraid to turn your back on?
    How’s that haunted house coming?

  15. Anne Says:

    Ugh, those flamingos! Where did you get/or did you make those? No excuses needed here, we can’t make everything!

  16. cindy Says:

    HA i love the flamingos! You guys did a great job with all the decorations I’d DEF hit up your house if i was a trick or treater

  17. Flamingos bought at Newbury Comics! They are worth the search. 🙂

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