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Yummmmy Germs! October 2, 2008

Filed under: Family & Friends — twlowenstein @ 10:34 am

We’re scrapping bottom of the barrel here.  Froot Loops I mean organic locally grown cereal rounds purchased from the farmers market held in our community garden, threaded onto elastic for jewelry, games and snack.  My oldest said, “Next time we should use dental floss so we can eat and clean our teeth at the same time.”

Everyone is sick of being sick, I’m sick of children’s television, and we’re all ready for a change of scenery and dare I say, a change of COMPANY.

The junk folks came yesterday for the toxic sofa and rug.  I have to say as someone who tends to be a collector of junk, I am really enjoying the open space.  We are using a crib mattress as a sofa until the new one is delivered which works perfectly for the kids to get their nebulizer treatments!

I need to go see a movie by myself, any recommendations?


3 Responses to “Yummmmy Germs!”

  1. Expat Mom Says:

    Ha, your boys are the same as mine, even when they`re sick, they don`t stop moving. 😀 I like the dental floss/cereal idea.

    Can`t help much in the way of movies . . . I rarely watch them these days! Hope you all feel better and can get out soon!

  2. marjorie Says:

    I can tell you what movie I would not recommend. The Women was long and a little forgetable. I can’t remember much about it now. The Dutchess looks good… but I haven’t see it 🙂

    Hope your boys are feeling better soon!!

  3. Complete Stranger Says:

    Doesn’t matter what the movie is…just the fact that you are in the dark, ALONE, without movement…just get a baby sitter and go!

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