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Euphemisms, Lost on the Youph October 1, 2008

Filed under: Family & Friends — twlowenstein @ 1:00 pm

Forgive me, I’ve got 2 boys with pneumonia and I am tired and wearing my cranky pants.  I am recording this so I can bandy  the story about some time in the future, prom night or wedding toast perhaps.

My oldest son just put on a dress-up costume, complete with a wooden knife, and said, “I am the cheese cutting spy!”  I had to explain to him how that would not make for a very effective spy. We are all chuckling and coughing and chuckling some more.

Things are at once more funny and yet much less funny we you are suffering from cabin fever.

Hope you are all well!

Edit: My husband tells me I left out the funniest part.  My 6 year old said, “I am the cheese cutting spy! I cut the brie!”


9 Responses to “Euphemisms, Lost on the Youph”

  1. Kindred Spirit Says:

    Hope all you guys feel better really soon!

  2. that. is. hilarious.

  3. p.s. hope they get well soon.

  4. Kathy Says:

    It’s posts like this that remind me what a perfect friend you are. Reminds me of a night R and I were at a somewhat fancy cocktail party. As the hostess was talking about how great her guys at the deli are, because they always cut the cheese so nicely, Rob and I stood in the corner, laughing our a$$es off, tears running down our face. Ahh, to be middle aged and immature! But, I am sorry the boys are sick.

  5. Visty Says:

    *spewing snot*

  6. Paige Says:

    Hope you all are feeling better soon…keep laughing…not hard to do when there’s little ones around saying funny stuff that! Still chuckling…

  7. Anne Says:

    I hope good health returns to your house soon… I hope he picks this as his Halloween costume.

  8. melissa s. Says:

    oh no! sorry you guys are sick. but it sounds like pneumonia is even semi-fun at your house.

    get well soon!

  9. Complete Stranger Says:

    The boy comes from a family of vintage brie cutting soldiers!!!!

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