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I SWEAR This is the Last You’ll Hear of My Toe September 29, 2008

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unless I lose it in a logging accident, then I’d have to say something.

Remember I said I had a little doctor crush on my junk collecting podiatrist?  Mostly it was because he’s actually bigger than me, and that is HARD to find in the medical profession.  I’m over him now.  And I think it’ll be fairly obvious why here soon.

On one of my visits he astutely commented, “You’re pretty heavy on your feet.”  Uh, dude – I’m pretty heavy when I’m off my feet.  Strike 1.  And then today, strike 2.  He suggested I continue to bandage my toe for another week because, “Frankly your feet run a little dirty.”  God damn Crocs.  I’m skipping strike 3 and just calling him OUT.

I know I’ve been a Croc defender for a while but I have to say I’ve been talking about retiring them when the toe heals.  I’m going to go ahead and make it official,  I’m looking for my next favorite shoe.  Please help me decide.

These are the ones I really want but they don’t have my size in this color.  I may hold out.

edit:  There has been some interest, I should have said – these are  Josef Seibel Nadine in Bari/Serrano Viola/Natural.

These are the other contenders:

I don’t know about this one.

I think these might be the ones and then get the boots when they become available.

I used to have a serious shoe thing.  In grad school I was all about my Fluevogs.  Here are some shoes I do not think I can currently pull off but I LOVE them anyhow.  edit: I forgot to add that the thing that RUINS the number shoes is that there is a heel on them.  Why?

And just for giggles and shits, I might get these to wear to the podiatrist next time…

I am also open to write-in ballots if you think you have a shoe for me!


15 Responses to “I SWEAR This is the Last You’ll Hear of My Toe”

  1. melissa s. Says:

    i vote for the first ones and the green ones (both, cuz i love green shoes). and of course the red boots too because i love red and boots both. and i also have to vote for the number ones b/c those are just plain clever. but the hairy toes? no, not cute in the least (and i’m a self acclaimed shoe junky as well!). but, they’d make a good practical joke. so, buy em all!!!!!

  2. lauren Says:

    those blue boots are the best. and the green sneaks. not the striped ones though, I have a pair like that and they are UNcomfortable. And you know, someone with your feet “issues” might want to stay away that.

    Like I always say to the kids at school, “If you have to start your sentence with ‘No offense BUT…’ it’s a good clue that you shouldn’t say it.” Pass that on to your podiatrist.

  3. I’m voting for the first ones and the third ones. good taste in shoes you got there!

  4. Chris Says:

    Green sneaks, for sure. (I’ll get the top boots and then you can borrow them!)

    The last pair look like good ones to wear next time you see Dr. Foot.

  5. Tonya Says:

    I can’t believe you pay that man to tell you your feet “run a little dirty.” I mean, he can see you walked in with Crocs, right? Just like any sandal, you’re bound to get some dirt in there.

  6. Roberta Says:

    I’d personally vote for the second pair because they are just so adorably dorky. And, well, I’m all for dorkiness right now. They even say Goo. At least it looks like it says Goo.

    Those bottom ones. I don’t even want to know where you found that image, but I have a seriously upset stomach now! 😉

  7. Visty Says:

    I love my polka dot shoes from Simple. They are so comfortable. And they’re polka dotted. I mean really.

  8. Paige Says:

    I’m definitely voting for the feet. Just kidding! Seriously, I love those green sneaks (are they North Face?), not the striped ones. And damn that doctor! He outta take a heaping spoonful of Bedside Manners and call himself in the morning.

  9. Selena Says:

    I love the top ones as well as the ones with numbers. I love shoes, maybe crave shoes. Luckily I’m not the only one. I’m coveting a pair of brown born boots at the moment. I have to weigh up the cost.

  10. Complete Stranger Says:

    I like the last pair! Hysterically funny! I like the number pair, but I think the first pair of boots are the best! Get something with lots of room for the toes and that are comfortable! Good luck.

  11. Complete Stranger Says:

    PS: I loved Paige’s comment! You go, Paige!!!

  12. lexi Says:

    Nice bedside manner!!!

    I vote for the Campers – what’s not to love about a shoe with numbers?? Cute to boot. Or the Simple shoes.. I love those shoes.

    Maybe you could get the last pair for more formal occasions?

  13. cindy Says:

    ooh the first ones are cute! The red wellie type boots are cute also. no use for those here in AZ for me tho. ;o(

  14. michelle Says:

    I vote for the top pair, or the bottom.

    I *need* to know who makes the top pair. 😉

  15. Janis Zettel Says:

    I love, love, love the top pair as well and I waaaaant some. Who makes them?

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